VR earthquake simulator system corresponding to physics models
Supports terrain deformation and various other physical customization

UC-win/Road Earthquake Simulator
Plugin Option

Initial Release : 2022.01


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Program Overview

On the 3D Virtual Reality Software UC-win/Road, damage situation and its effect of shakiness and collapse of furniture and lightings mainly inside the room can be visualized in 3DVR with easy input. Shaking of furniture and fixtures is reproduced and overturning is instantly simulated by giving physical properties such as weight, center of gravity, and frictional force to objects. Collisions between objects are also detected. Motions such as drawers popping out of desks, and furniture colliding each other and moving another direction are also expressed. The earthquake sound and collision noise of furniture are also generated. In addition, the seismic wave form data published by the Japan Meteorological Agency can be imported to reproduce the actual earthquakes and simulate possible seismic wave forms.

[Linkage with VR Motion Seat]

FORUM8 can build a system for experiencing an earthquake using a linkage with VR Motion Seat and HMD.

Functions and Features

Analysis / Simulation

In the model characteristics settings, individual models can be assigned with parameters such as weight, center of gravity, and friction to instantly simulate the shaking and tumbling. In addition, the model consists of multiple parts, and when each part is selected, physical operations can be set for each part. Contact between objects is also judged, and behaviors such as models popping out or models colliding with each other and changing the direction of movement are supported.

▲3D model editing screen

▲Node setting screen

After executing analysis, it performs the simulation including drawing in about just 3 seconds. The product has the simple input by GUI and the independent interface for seismic and model sources, as well as the separate input parts for those, which enables not only the intuitive input part but also any analysis by changing either the seismic source or model source.

Flexible and high-precision expression

It can be operated on UC-win/Road, which allows expressions very close to the real space.

▲Before earthquake

▲After earthquake

Utilize analysis models

Analysis can be performed on a wide variety of buildings, from large facilities such as office buildings, hotels, and commercial facilities, to houses and apartment complexes (condominiums and apartments). Microscopic analysis is also possible by adding nodes for more detailed parts such as shelf drawers as needed.

▲Falling of object

▲Case: Office

▲An advanced VR earthquake simulation system applying vibration data and considering the physical model of the structure.


Product Price

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  • Earthquake Simulator Plugin Option
  • Earthquake Simulator Plugin Option VR Motion Seat Linkage

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UC-win/Road Earthquake Simulator Plugin Option USD1,600

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Price of Subscription Service Contract

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UC-win/Road Earthquake Simulator Plugin Option Free USD1,600

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UC-win/Road Earthquake Simulator Plugin Option Free USD2,240

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Version Update History

Version Update History

 Earthquake SimulatorPlugin Option
Version Release Date Update Contents
1.0.0 22/02/02

New release as 64-bit application

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Order / Contact Us

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