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Highway Driving Simulator
Potential hazards on highway can be replayed by the driving simulator.
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
Example case of UC-win/Road Experience Simulator
Highway Driving Simulator for Convention on Social Contribution of Highway

Product details


FORUM 8 has installed custom Highway Driving Simulator to Convention on Social Contribution of Highway on March 1st, 2010. From now the simulator will be used at events and exhibitions on highway and its facility.

This simulator has been developed based on the award winning UC-win/Road 3D Virtual Reality software, with which drivers can experience potential hazards on highway. 3 scenario combined with 19 events can be set and the simulator outputs tabulated driving diagnosis according to the driving log.. The hardware of the simulator employs 6 DOF motion platform with real car parts option made by SUBARU.

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Customer case

Functions and features

Convention on Social Contribution of Highway: Highway Driving Simulator
Technical support by: NEXCO East Japan( East Nippon Expressway)

6 DOF based experience simulator SUBARU type
Customizable, portable 3ch real car parts mounted model

Order received on August 2009, Installed March 2010

Major features
  1. Experiencing hazardous evens on highway
  2. To evaluate driving behaviour and enlightening safety driving
  3. Collection and analysis of experience driving for safety measures

Experiencing 19 hazardous events on highways and its facilities

3 scenarios available: combination of 19 hazardous events on highway lane, exit and etc.

Events set for the experience driving

  • 1. Toll gate a. Contacting bars at toll gate
    b. Collision to stopping vehicle
    c. Contacting to attached structure
    d. Overcrowding at toll gate
    2. Main line a. Collision to stopping vehicle
    b. Low visibility (foggy etc.)
    c. Slipping by snow or rain
    d. Jumping the queue
    e. Fallen object ahead
    f. Accident in congestion tail
    g. Overtaking through the center
    h. Lane restriction
    3. Rest area a. Contacting to crossing pedestrian
    b. Contacting with other vehicle
    c. Vehicle using smart IC
    4. Main line confluence part a. Confluence timing
    5. Main line branch part a. Lane deviation by speeding at curve section
    b. Ramp congestion
    6. Main line etc. a. Reverse run

    ムービー "Highway driving simulator" experience driving case
    (ASF Streaming, 168,498KB)


  • Step Items On screen image
    1 1 Opening
    2 ↓ System
    3 ↓ DS device
    4 2 Drivers profile
    5 ↓ Course selection
    6 3 About safety device
    7 4 Driving
    8 5 Result

    Result of experience driving
    Sample: Result of experience driving (Available in Japanese)

    The simulator analyzes driving log and creates printable reports. Followings are the analysis on safe driving behavior:
    1. Acceleration aggressiveness from acceleration graph and rapid acceleration trend beyond the set value;
    2. Braking severity from deceleration graph, braking severity trend beyond the set value;
    3. Number of lane changes shows unnecessary lane change;
    4. Abrupt steering trend from the steering abruptness beyond the set value.
    The system also shows each driver's score on appropriate speed, headway distances and lane changes according to the logged data above.
    Ad hoc ranking can be also provided.

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