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UC-win/Road Support System
VR/CG data generation and technical support service using UC-win/Road
ソフトウェア・プロダクト・オブ・ザ・イヤー2002受賞! 3-D real-time VR software package helps build consensus in road/public construction projects

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Ver.3.04.04 ('09.03.05)

Products Guide(PDF)
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Download detail spec.
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UC-win/Road Standard Cost Estimate List

Estimated Price Structure
Estimated Price
Direct personnel costs [(Estimated distance A) * Work unit (per km) B + Option work unit C] * Engineer work unit cost D
Administrative costs Direct personnel costs * 20%
General costs Technical costs(Field survey cost etc.), Express charges(25% extra charge for overtime working etc.), software/hardware purchase costs,
Apparatus rental/ transportation, Satellite photography costs, Transportation costs (actual cost), Work management costs

Breakdown of standard estimate
Estimated distance   Correction Coefficient Remarks
The total extended distance
Sandard cross-section 1.0 Four lane, Guardrail for divided road/pedestrian and vehicular segregation, No edge-processing
Cross-sectional change 1.5 Transition area, Emergency parking bay, one-way grade, On/off- ramp
Grade crossing 2.0 Depending on a scale of intersection (exclusive of no processing)
IC・JCT 1.7 Total application extended distance / Using the outer spaces as a precondition
Tunnel part 1.0 Exclusive of mine- mouse special processing
Bridge part 1.5 Same treatment as a cross-sectional change
Construction zone(Berm processing) 1.3 Berm settings
Others 0.5 Separate estimate
A Subtotal(A) Estimated extension distance

Work Classification Breakdown Correction Coefficient Standard work unit Remarks
Terrain information
Standard 50m mesh use 1.0 (0.15-0.4) No terrain processing, one mesh block (10km square ) is 0.15, two blocks are 0.3 and four blocks are 0.4
Standard terrain editing 1.0 (0.1-1.5) Surrounding road, around10m mesh, Editing rate for the total extended distance.
Tunnel entrance, Underpass processing
Space base use 1.0 0.2
Aerial photograph use 1.0 (0.2-0.3) Photo image editing is estimated separately. Pasting reference drawings in case that accepted data has no plain linear information but only drawings.
DXF conversion 0.5 (1.0-3.0) Correction= multiple of 0.1,which is set the standard for 200m of straight road * the rate of total extended road.
XML 1.0 (1.0-2.0) Using Road standard XML and LandXML provided by a user
Definition of liner
IP calculation work 1.0 0.3 IP calculating with Calc_IP.exe developed by Road technical support.
IP calculation, IP extraction and IP estimation work.
IP input 1.0 0.15 When LandXML is provided, it is set that IP =0.0, vertical section =0.1 and interval setting =0.1
VC input 1.0 0.2
Classification Setting 1.0 0.2
Cross-sectional definition
Cross-sectional definition 1.0 0.8 0.4 is counted when LandXML is used.
Cross-sectional texture setting 1.0 0.3
3DModel ・Texture
Resolution level-Low 1.0 1.0 Minimum adjustments with only standard textures.
Resolution level-Medium 1.0 2.0 Standard adjustments of models /cross sections with standard textures.
Resolution level-High 1.0 3.0 Advanced adjustments and creation in space with based on the collected data or materials
Resolution level-Excellent 1.0 (3.0-5.0) Excellent performance, compared favorably with live-action video.
B Subtotal(B) Man-day per km

Medium Resolution

High Resolution A

Work Classification (Option) Breakdown Correction Coefficient Standard Work Unit Remarks
3DModel ・Texture(man-day) 3DModel 100 elements 1.0 Refer to the sample estimation as below.
A POV-Ray setting model is 1.2 times.
MD3Model 1body 1.0 Standard level of one human model creation.
Standard human model, standing and no cloth changing.
3DTrees 2 types 0.8 leaf and bark textures making are included
Texture 5 textures 0.5 Intersection textures (Rotary and L- shaped) are two times.
Complexity is also considered.
Settings and adjustment of simulation
Traffic setting 10 roads 0.5 Traffic flow settings.
Root adjustments in an intersection.
Linking with Tracks is 0.1.
Signal control setting 1 crossing 0.5 A suit of settings such as traffic signal model arrangements, stop points, traffic controls, and phases.
Linking with Tracks is 0.1.
Intersection controls without traffic signals are 0.25.
A model of operation and a WAY-P setting 20P/20PT 1.2 Lane-changing function is included.
Flight path setting 20PT 0.3 Man hour input is required for routing of MD3.
Default/Before/After setting BFR/AFT 0.5 Settings of Before/After.
Or arrangements of disaster model.
Lake setting 50PT 0.5 Separate estimate for texture creation
Stream setting 10 sections 0.5 Separate estimate for texture creation
Script setting 1.0 20STEP is counted as one work unit (man-day.)
Data setting 1.0 Planting, intersection processing, model arrangements, other data adjustments.
A POV-Ray adjustment is included.
Input for each estimate is required , but it depends on the volume of data
Output(man-day) Screen output A41sheet 0.07
A31sheet 0.1
AVI output (1minute) Low 1.0 No processing. Capture only.
Medium 2.0 Medium resolution is provided with simple simulation. High resolution is provided with advanced simulation, including compositing photographed images.
High 4.0 Editing and additional effects based on a making scenario.
Sound Sound setting Separately UC-win/Road settings
Sound input Separately
BGM Separately
Guide Separately
AVI merge Medium Separately
High Separately
Perspective view creation Low Separately Reference: SXGA-1 point, 30,000, A3 laminating
Reference: A POV-RAY image file (1,024*768)
Medium Separately Reference: UXGA-1, 50,000, A3 laminating
Reference: A POV-RAY image file (1,280*1,024)
High Separately Reference: one WUXGA class, 100,000, A3 laminating
Reference: A POV-RAY image file (1,600*1,200)
C Subtotal(C) Option (man-day)

Engineers standard work breakdown list
Man-day unit cost per Engineer EngineerA 10% ¥3,830 (¥4,021 tax included)
EngineerB 30% ¥9,150 (¥9,608 tax included)
EngineerC 40% ¥10,400 (¥10,920 tax included)
Engineer 20% ¥4,420 (¥4,641 tax included)
D Man-day unit cost(D) ¥27,800

Direct personnel costs
Sum total E = (AxB+C)xD ¥0

Administrative costs
20% of direct personnel costs
Administrative costs(F) ¥0

Technical costs(Field survey cost etc.)
Express charges(25% extra charge for overtime working etc.)
Software & hardware purchase costs
Satellite photography costs
Apparatus rental and transportation
Transportation costs (actual cost)
Work management costs
Subtotal of costs (G) ¥0

Estimated Grand Total costs(E+F+G) ¥0

  Approximate Estimate
  <Approximate Estimate per 1 Km>
1. Standard cross-sectin, Low precision, Not subject to treat details of terrain, No extra work = About ¥110,000
2. Bridge, On/Off lamp cross-section, Standard precision, Not subject to treat details of terrain, No extra work = About ¥190,000

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Sample models of estimation example

1  Kushimoto Bridge/ Myouga Loop Bridge Simulation PDF 29KB

Kushimoto Bridge and Myouga Loop Bridge (1.6km) to link Oshima with Kushimoto-cho, southernmost end of Honshu and road data model (0.3km) in Oshima. Kushimoto Bridge designed by Osaka office of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. won the Tanaka Prize of Japan Society of Civil Engineering in 1999. This sample data is used as proposal of bridge preliminary design.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 3.12
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.3
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 9.2
Aerial photographs ¥67,200
Total ¥850,500

2  Interchange VR simulation PDF 28KB
An expressway interchange is expressed. IC from general road to a tollgate and IC from the tollgate to expressway are expressed. Total 8 lamps including the 1st and 2nd IC are created and linked.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 6.175
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.6
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 15.0
Aerial photographs -
Total ¥1,512,000

3  Junction VR simulation PDF 28KB
The Junction has 8 lamps to link inbound/ outbound lane with other with 2 overhead crossing freeways. Complicated alignments where different lamps merged on the way are run into main lane are expressed correctly. Traffic flow from all directions can be checked by setting of traffic flow.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 10.768
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.1
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 6.0
Aerial photographs -
Total ¥1,753,500

4  Grade Intersection VR simulation PDF 28KB
This is normal grade intersection data. Road extension is 700m. Building models registered in D.B are arranged in wayside. Pedestrian bridges and sidewalks on the road, street lights and trees on planting zone are arranged. Traffic flow and intersection driving route are set.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 1.0
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.3
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 4.3
Aerial photographs ¥67,200
Total ¥367,500

5  River Development VR simulation PDF 28KB
This is around 600meters of river development data. This is created to match with nature as a concept image. Trees are planted in river and revetment which is displayed by a revetment block and partly and a natural revetment. The function of lakes and marshes are used.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 0.9
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.8
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 5.8
Aerial photographs -
Total ¥346,500

6  Urban Model VR simulation PDF 29KB
Pedestrian deck (fictions) with Sakuranomiya Station at Kita-ward, Osaka-city is expressed.
OAP tower where FORUM8 Osaka office locates and Imperial Hotel sharing entrance part are created as main. 8.99km of extended road, station square rotary, surroundings, bridges, Osaka Castle, OAP and Okawa are modeled. Traffic flow, person model and fake light (during night) are expressed.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 6.43
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.8
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 15.0
Aerial photographs ¥67,200
Coverage ¥38,165
Total ¥1,711,500

7  Mountain Road VR simulation data PDF 29KB
This is 2.23km of mountain road data. 1 tunnel and 1 bridge are set in the section. As to creation area, detailed current terrain is displayed, by creating the terrain patch data corresponding 1 meter mesh from terrain contour data (DXF). Cut slope / embankment in each side of road, such as berm are reproduced faithfully.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 2.633
Man-day (sub- total B) 5.8
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 4.5
Aerial photographs -
Total ¥682,500

8  Condominium Project VR simulation PDF 30KB
The neighborhood of Nakameguro Station, Meguro-ward is expressed.
GT tower where FORUM8 head office locates, roads, and urban space around Nakameguro Station are created. Newly built condominiums (fictitious) along Komazawa Avenue are modeled, assuming the confirmation of interior / exterior scene. Traffic flow, railway vehicles and person model are expressed. Fake light textures during night and motion control models are set, too.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 7.496
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.8
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 30.5
Aerial photographs ¥67,200
Coverage ¥76,330
Total ¥2,467,500

9  Bridge Erection VR simulation data PDF 29KB
The data express the bridge erection steps of 560m of road across mountains and a ravine. All erection steps can be seen for the setting of movable models. Synchronizing truss erection with crane action provides the clear erection images and setting of road alignment provides driving images after construction complete.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 1.22
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.4
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 10.2
Aerial photographs -
Total ¥535,500

10  Land Development / Readjustment VR simulation PDF 29KB
This is created for by-pass examination plan in developed land of certain town. This data is used for the scene examination from developed land after by-pass completion, the check of the difference in height between lands, the access road check from the by-pass to the land and examination of car stop installation. It allows checking scenes from arranged standard building models in developed land.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 1.98
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.1
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 5.2
Aerial photographs -
Total ¥462,000

11  Estimates for Construction Cost VR simulation data PDF 29KB
100 meters of construction zone within around 500 meters of road extend distance, and traffic lane regulation related with it, including traffic lights and signals controlling are expressed. Construction zone is displayed by arranging models with scene switching. There are 3 phases of scene switching, including current state.
Total extended distance (sub- total A) 0.85
Man-day (sub- total B) 4.1
Option work Man-day (sub- total C) 7.75
Aerial photographs -
Coverage ¥31,500
Total ¥420,000

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