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UC-win/Road Ship Handling Simulator
Ship handling simulator with virtual reality
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
Product details

Program Overview

Ship handling simulator consists of a variety of 3D/VR space expression with UC-win/Road. It allows easy representation of a high accurate VR space in easy method, and the construction of simulator for a variety of applications using scenarios/event functions and motion platform techniques. This is not only for the training of sailors or students but also for the investigation of the harbor environment landscape with the simulation of its facilities.

Demonstration Simulator
  • Small type of demonstration simulator(excluding UC-win/Road)
  • Compact type for exhibition and demonstration
  • Start/Stop button
  • including handle, accelerator, and brake

Related plugin

Case example of ship handling simulator development
The hardware can be customized based on your budget and purpose.

Case example 1Type name : Normal


  • Projector x 3
  • Edge blending cockpit hardware

Reference price(Tax inclusive)

  • US$79,300 (cockpit separately sold)

Case example 2Type name : 3D stereo


  • Projector x 6
  • Edge blending additional hardware
  • Screen

Reference price(Tax inclusive)

  • US$135,400 (cockpit separately sold)

Case example 3Type name : Normal + Motion platform


  • Projector x 3
  • Edge blending
    2 axis motion platform

Reference price(Tax inclusive)

  • US$249,900 (cockpit separately sold)

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