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UC-win/Road Experience Simulator
6 axis motion unit/Driving Simulator

UC-win/Road Product informationUC-win/Road Drive Simulator

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Product DetailsPrice / Purchase Info

  Product Price

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●System Price

Product Name Price
UC-win/Road Driving Sim

 Product Composition:
  UC-win/Road Drive Simulator Plugin &
   Other bundled plugins
USD $12,800
Motion Platform Option USD $8,600
6-axis motion-capable simulator hardware set USD $354,000
Total USD $375,400
(Additional cost required for testing prior to shipping and onsite installation service. 10,000USD~)

※ Other vehicle safety features or hardware components are quoted separately.
※ Contains some sample VR data. Also see Product Specification Page for prices of new project production (approximately $1,000 ~ / km).
※ Desktop PC, assembly labour cost, transportation costs are quote separately
    (if applicable).

●UC-win/Road Trial Simulator Rental Prices (3ch 6-axis motion with full options) (Package System)
Rental Agreements
Specifications Rental Duration
1 Day 1 Month 1 Year
UC-win/Road - Trial Simulator

Basic Composition
 ・Egg shell cabin, 2C paint
 ・6 DOF motion platform
 ・3ch. 32” LCD monitor
 ・5.1ch Speaker
 ・Force feedback steering
 ・Acceleration / brake pedal
 ・Direction indicators, mission
UC-win/Road Driving Sim
Motion platform option
Initial Cost
USD $4,200

(1 Day)
USD $1,600
Initial Cost
USD $16,800

(1 Month)
USD $8,000
Initial Cost
USD $42,000

(1 Year)
USD $38,000
Installation / Transportation Fee Packaging, transportation, delivery costs (e.g. within Tokyo in one day: $1,700)
Installation fee:$500
(1 technician will be sent if necessary. Clients responsible for accomodation or related fees during the stay)

   Product Purchase/Inquiry

UC-win/Road General Inquiry: road@forum8.co.jp

We accept credit cards and installment payments.
Feel free to ask at our Version Up Centre at vc@forum8.co.jp.

Inquiry Please feel free to concact our Tokyo Office directly or through one of our representative office that is the closest to your convenience. 
For any questions regarding the information on our home page please feel free to mail us via forum8@forum8.co.jp.
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