UC-win/Road Ver.5.00.00 (Released September 21th, 2010) New!

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1.FBX file compatibility
  • Enhanced file support by UC-win/Road. UC-win/Road can import FBX files which can cover various kinds of models
File format Version
Autodesk AutoCAD DXF (.dxf) Version 13 and earlier.
Collada DAE (.dae) Version 1.5 and earlier.
3D Studio 3DS (.3ds) All versions.
Alias OBJ (.obj) All versions.
Comparison between data imported as 3ds and data imported using FBX FBX compatible file formats and their versions

2.LOD function
  • By lowering the resolution of smaller elements, the processing time can be reduced without badly affecting the quality of the visualization.
    MD3 characters, shadow, lake and pond and 3D trees
Original mesh / Side texture / front texture
MD3 character generated by the LOD second phase

3.Creating rivers
  • River creation is improved in UC-win/Road version 5 - just like with roads, planar and longitudinal linear alignment is now possible.
  • Sample river model

4.Improvement in road section edit
  • Improvement in road section editor: road sections can be created in independent blocks

5.Navigation function
  • Simple viewpoint operation is independent from movement mode. Viewpoint can be operated in navigation movement mode.
Pursuit movement mode

Movement mode Available viewpoint operations
Free movement Roll, forwards and backwards, right -left, up-down, fly through, aerial view, jump
Travel on road,
flight path and driving simulation
Roll, circle around an object, aerial view
Pedestrian Roll, jump
Pursuit Circle around an object, aerial view

6.Tsunami function
  • Tsunami function is added in UC-win/Road. Data can be shared with xpswmm.
  • Tsunami in urban area Tsunami with spray

7.Improved audio
  • By employing OpenAL, a variety of surrounding sound and the car's engine sound are covered.
Synthesizing engine sound and sound source

8.2D/3D texts
  • 3D texts can be generated and placed inside the 3D environment easily.

9.Video wall function
  • Animation video display including cylindrical screen can be reproduced as 3D object

10.Vehicle dynamics model
  • Improved immersion feeling, accuracy and the linkage with motion platform

11.Special weather function
  • The expression of rain and snow was strengthened. Fog and thunder for the limited area can be defied.
Road puddle Puddle reflection

Wind   Wiper

Water ripples   Road mirage

12.UC-win/Road for SaaS Plugin
  • For the web publication of UC-win/Road. Interactive operation on client's browser
UC-win/Road for SaaS Client screen

13.Point cloud data modeling Plugin
  • Included in Advanced license. For point cloud data-imported VR modeling
  • Number of point cloud 32bit: less than 16 million 64bit: more than 25 million