UC-win/Road Ver.3.00.00 (Released May 17th, 2005)
3D traffic simulation

Supports for the traffic control in which the car lights (blinker, brake light) can be expressed and each traffic model and traffic phase can be set. The traffic rules in not only Japan but also Korea, China and NZ can be set. The function for setting road obstacle enables for the expression of the disaster and accident, etc and the expression of the traffic flow.

ムービー Ver.3.00.00 Function Introduction Movie

-Traffic Lights Option -Road Obstruction Option
UC-win/Road Ver.3.01.00 (Released December 22, 2005)
Manual Drive / LandXML / POV-Ray

1. Traffic simulation which supports for the vehicle performance profile, manual driving simulation(Supports for 3D Cockpit)
2. POV-Ray Plug-in Option (Supports for ray tracing and radiosity rendering)
3. LandXML Plug-in Option (Supports for importing and exporting between LanXML-compliant CAD software)
4. Expanded an intersection (Creation of "L-Type", "Rotary-Type" intersection)
5. Expanded a function of traffic flow simulation (Lane change and speed when bypassing the obstacle etc.)
6. Supports for 3D model copy.
7. Supports for the view movement and view change by a keyboard
8. Supports for the position specification after importing a data

3D Cockpit Standard Model
POV-Ray Plug-in Option
UC-win/Road Ver.3.02.00 (Released September 7, 2006)
Traffic Modelling / Multiplay

1. Supports for data exchange of Traffic SImulation Software (Tracks)

TRACKS Plugin (Ver.3.2)

Data link with "TRACKS" of GabitesPorter(NZ), Ltd.

→TRACKS Land use, Traffic modelling system

2. Supports for groplization of the running car
3. Pathway probability, the number of vehicles stopping at an inersection, disappearing/generating the traffic flow
4. Supports for multi screen display
5. Supports for 3D cockpit editing
UC-win/Road Ver.3.02.11 SP1 (Released November 24, 2006)
1. Level of detail LOD of 3D Trees
2. Savable view points
3. Rear-view mirror, side mirro and car navigation in 3D cockpit 3D display size setting
4. Support for the setting of the scale size of 2D view to car navigation display
5. Supports for the setting of 3D display size
6. Supports for the parameter of command line (DONT_LOAD_DEFAULT_PROJECT、LOAD)
7. Expanded script commands
8. Expanded the command of motion control point
UC-win/Road Ver.3.03.00 (Released July 9, 2007)
1. Improvement of suppot for mouse wheel
2. Supports 3D mouse SpaceNavigator
3. Advanced game controller settings
4. Supports for the default setting of bridge and tunnel section
5. Improvement of draft mode
6. Improvement of performance function
7. Improvement of shadow expression
8. An independent setting of Transition for the traffic lane
9. An independent drawing of 2D tree and 3D tree
10. Internationalization (UNICODE, traffic rules etc.)
11. Supports for the creation of terrain which corresponds to the road definition
12. Supports for creation of transparent road cross sections
13. Supports for the new function of the traffic simulation control
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.00 (Released September 24, 2008)
New Product Introduction UC-win/Road Ver.3.4 (Up&Coming '08 Fall Issue)

Basic Function
1. Supports for Windows Vista and new help format
2. Intersection Texture Edit Tool
3. Building Creating Tool (Function to create an advanced building model) has been added.
4. Supports for simulation panel and full-screen panels

Paied Option (Additional)
1. Scenario function has been added to driving simulator
2. Supports for file import of aaSIDRA by aaSIDRA plug-in

Expanded Function
1. Improvement of MD3 character
2. Improvement of LandXML and InRoads plug-in
3. Resize of texture and thumbnail display
4. Supports demo simulator to INNOSIMULATION plug-in

Scenario function

Building creation tool
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.03 (Released December 26, 2008)
1. "GIS plug-in" which supports for UC-win/Road-GIS View.

2. Supports for a satellite image of import LandXML of TRACKS

3. Supports for cockpit and display of your vehicle body of right and left mirrors

<UC-win/Road Ver.3.4 (Presentation Version) Ver.3.04.03 (Released 09/01/22) Revised contents>
1. Supports for Widows Vista
2. Scenario function
3. Simulation panel
4. Full-screen and management of a screen
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.05 (Released April 10, 2009)
1. Supports for the simulation such as an external AP analysis result etc.
  • (Reproduction of traffic micro simulation, architecture 4D simulation, evacuation/crowd simulation and reproduction of a record of UC-win/Road)

UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player Plug-in Option Product Information Page

New Product Introduction
UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player (Up&Coming '09 Early Spring Issue)

 Open Micro Simulation Web site is now open.

Open Micro Simulation Player XML schema open site http://openmicrosim.org/
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.06 (Released May 19, 2009)
1. UC-win/Road Motion Platform Option has been released.
  • Linked with the motion platform hardware by OEM of INNOSIMULATION, Inc as an option of driving simulation function of UC-win/Road.

UC-win/Road Motion Platform Plug-in Option Product Information Page
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.07 (Released Jun 26, 2009)
1. Supports for the function of fire and smoke

New Product Introduction
UC-win/Road Ver.3.4.7: Function of fire and smoke (Up&Coming '09 Summer Issue)
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.09 (Released August 4, 2009)
New product UC-win/Road ECO Drive plug-in option has been released.

1. ECO Drive Option has been added. Supports for the calculation of fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emission.

New Product Introduction ECO Drive Plug-in (Up&Coming '09 Early Spring Issue)
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.11 (Released September 2, 2009)
New product UC-win/Road OSCADY PRO plug-in has been released.

1. Data link option with traffic signal simulation has been added.

New Product Introduction UC-win/Road for OSCADY (Up&Coming '09 Fall Issue)
UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.13 (Released October 28, 2009)
New product, UC-win/Road xpswmm plug-in has been released.

1. Import function of runoff and flood analysis result into UC-win/Road by xpswmm.
2. Supports for the drawing of flood flow, sewer network and tube flow
3. The simulation based on the time history is expressed on UC-win/Road.

New Product Introduction UC-win/Road for xpswmm (Up&Coming '09 Fall Issue)
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