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 Eve 11/14 Tue
 Real and Virtual Game World -11th FORUM8 Design Festival eve-
 FORUM8 Design Festival Eve
Venue  Shinagawa Intercity Hall Foyer
Experience new games provided by FORUM8 x CRAVA!
Train Game Fresh sense train games! "Train Simulator" for Windows, "Train Simulator VR", and "Kurogane" for PS4
Crane Game
Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image.
Let's wear HMD and operate VR train to the next station through the streets of old coal mine by adjusting speed with master controller and brake. Run to the goal by changing speed and switching rails to avoid monsters in the large field. Dynamic block game! Crane game machine
using a gesture sensor!

Stage is colored by the newest technologies and contents
A showcase that music and image are
synchronized centering on the technology
 DJ Oni x 3D Scan & Motion Capture
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Collaboration of ONI x TOOWA2 x optitrack
takes you to the unexperienced area!

New sensation physical installation art,
writing in the air
New sensation experience of writing in the air by hand without ink!
(Developed by / Contact: SHAREFUL)

Train operation with dream collaboration
Train Simulator x Denko-chan
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Dream collaboration between the train simulator and Denko-chan! Denko-chan MCs your operation!
A burlesque show led by Luca
  Burlesque Dance
Choreographer for backdancers at big stages by major artists including at the Nippon Budokan

Lyrical silk dance
Aerial Silk Dance
A dancer performs aerial acrobatic while hanging from a fabric.
Her movement is fineness and emotional. She performs at event stages.

Charming cute singing voice
and addictive melody
Music group composed of vocal Alicetogizzelle, dancers, and SLF who DJs, MCs, and write songs

Secret Mapping
No one has ever seen this mapping?! Wait till you see!
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What's coming up?    Cosplayers come this year!
Capsule Toys Omotenashi Group

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