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EVE 11/17[Tue] 18:00~ Online Event

EVE 11/17[Tue] Report

EVE Report

Online eve for "New Lifestyle"

The "New Normal" EVE was held online for the first time under the theme of "Creative re:design". Produced by DJ ONI as usual, video and sound expressions using the cutting edge technologies united with performances by a variety of artists and expressed joy and healing that can be shared by anyone at any place even in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. There was the world which no one has ever experienced.

In the opening, the Sogetsu-style flower arrangement artist Koen Yokoi performed the flower arrangement using passionate autumn-colored flowers. Also, the beautiful ballet dance by ANNA and the tap dance by Lily&Yuki expressing the diversity combined with the real-time CG image and colored the event.

At the venue, we prepared the immersive sound furniture "Travel Dome" that visitors could be surrounded by sound from the 8-channel stereo speakers and images projected on the dome. Inside the dome, visitors heard the voice of insects from the ground, the sound of rain over the head, and the sound of stream from the side. All electronic sounds were played in stereo and surrounded the people inside together with beatiful images in harmony. While it is difficult to go faraway places in this COVID-19 pandemic, this work took the visitors' mind to a 12-minute journey away from the crowds of city and attracted many people throughout the three days of the Design Festival.

Between the performances, MC Kaltida Tada and the ballerina ANNA experienced and reported the Safe Driving Simulator approved by the NPA and the VR360 simulator. In addition, the writer of a new book "City & Architecture Blog" introduced its contents filled with the charm of 50 cities on the remote interview.

DAY1 11/18[Wed] Hybrid Online or at Shinagawa Intercity Hall

DAY1 11/18[Wed] Report

Greetings from FORUM8's President and CEO, Yuji Ito

FORUM8's Design Festival 3Day + EVE event is a platform used to announce advancements in our products and also to support and announce ongoing research and excellent applications of our software. For this year's event we are focusing on the DX, Digital Transformation, era. How the recent changes in our workstyle have impacted business and our futures will be our main activities.

With the idea of MaaS, or Mobility as a Service, in mind we are looking at how autonomous driving systems will be included in the simulations of the new digital city concepts. This year we will host the 5th Autonomous Driving Conference and with the help of 4 industry experts provide a lecture series. Every year there is quite a bit of excitement surrounding the autonomous driving systems so we hope to answer all your questions. In addition, we will also hold the 19th 3DVR Simulation Contest which will showcase the many possible uses of UC-win/Road in different industries and fields. During this showcase the various nominations and prize winners will also be announced.

For Day 2, the 8th Student Cloud Programming World Cup, CPWC, and the 10th Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud, VDWC, winners will be announced an awarded. Students from all across the globe will be participating so it is sure to be an exciting event. There will also be the 4th Hagura Award Announcement and the 13th International VR Symposium of the Association for Promotion of Advanced Expression Technology.

For Day 3, experts from the Cabinet Secretariat of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will give a lecture series on regional revitilazation, national resilience, and i-construction. There will also be the 7th National Resilience Design Award Ceremony which will showcase various works that contribute to disaster prevention and national resilience. Throughout the event we will announce 3 new books including FORUM8's "City and Architecture Blog Overview" and "Structural Analysis by Numerical Simulation, Augmented and Revised Edition". Be sure to also check out the exhibition corner where you can experience the latest updates in our software such as Ver.21 of Shade3D. We have also prepared a VR tour of our showroom for our homepage. We hope you can fully enjoy this event and have the opportunity to geto know FORUM8's VR / CG, 3DCAD, and FEM software solutions. We also hope our lecture series and speakers spark some thoughts on how to improve productivity and efficiency for users and engineers through software applications. Thank you for your support.

Yuji Ito
President and CEO
FORUM8 Co., Ltd. 


The 5th Autonomous Driving Conference

METI, MIC, MLIT, and NPA deliver 5 lectures!

UC-win/Road is used for a variety of automobile related fields such as road design, vehicle system development, ITS, ADAS and autonomous driving. This conference covers the newest features of the 3DVR software supporting these advanced R&D and examples of system development. At the "4th Autonomous Driving Conference", specialists from the governments will deliver lectures about trends, current issues, and prospects in the country and abroad.

Opening speech


Opening speech of The 14th FORUM8 Design Festival CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

Day1 of the Design Festival (Nov. 18, 2020) opened up with opening speech by CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito.
He provided the overview of FORUM8, its history, recent projects and activities, and new initiatives, and introduced the EVE held on the 17th and the schedule for Day 1.

  • Special Lecture


    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Mr. Kenji Ueki

    • Director of Autonomous Driving and ITS Promotion Office,
    • Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau
    Born in May 1974. After he finished his master's at Tokyo Institute of Technology in March 1999, he joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (FKA the Ministry of International Trade and Industry). He took his current position in July 2019.
    The METI's involvement to realize autonomous driving

    The METI established the "Autonomous Driving Business Study Commission" together with the MLIT and is promoting activities required for the realization of autonomous driving through the collaboration between industries, educational institutions and the administrations in order that the Japanese automobile industry increases the competitive power in the autonomous driving field and contributes to the resolution of social issues such as reduce of traffic accident. Based on the debates in the study commission, Mr. Ueki introduces METI's current activities such as "the policy toward the realization of autonomous driving" made up in June and demonstration project according to it.


    "The 5th Autonomous Driving Conference" started with the special lecture "METI's involvement to realize autonomous driving" by Mr. Kenji Ueki, Director, Autonomous Driving and ITS Promotion Office, Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). First of all, he outlined the concept of the trend that the automobile industry is facing called "CASE" ("Connected" cars, "Autonomous / Automated" driving, "Sharing and service", and "Electric"), coordination with other ministries and agencies to promote this, the past flow about CASE from research and development to its full-scale spread and its future prospect, and the direction of supporting construction of mobility society including MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Then he summarized the definitions of significance of autonomous driving (1) safe and smooth road traffic, 2) society that allows comfortable movement, 3) improvement in the industrial competitiveness and efficiency of the related industry), the autonomous driving system, levels of autonomous driving (SAE Level 0 to 5). He also mentioned the following: social implementation of the level 4 preceding with commercial vehicles, trends of autonomous driving in the world (e.g. provision of institution about levels 3 and 4), and efforts required for realizing autonomous driving (technological development, provision of infrastructure and institution, and improvement in social acceptability). Moreover, his speech was developed from a viewpoint of promoting social implementation to METI's activities about autonomous driving, and circumstances of promoting demonstration experiments that go along the roadmap towards realization and spread of autonomous driving service. He also mentioned the measures to cope with 10 highlighted areas (maps, communications infrastructure, recognition technology, judgment technology, human engineering, safety, cyber security, software human resources, social acceptability, and safety evaluation).

  • Special Lecture


    Ministry of Public Affairs
    Mr. Yamato Igarashi

    • General Communication Infrastructure Bureau Radio Department Mobile Communication Section Chief
    Since joining the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currently the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) in 1999, he has been engaged in policy making and international operations in various fields of information and communications such as the Internet, broadcasting technology, and 5G, including the time when he was seconded to the Japanese government representative of the international organization in Geneva.
    "Trends toward the realization of autonomous driving and efforts by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications"

    The progress of information and communication technology is rapid, and expectations for the role that information and communication play in the realization of autonomous driving are increasing. In this lecture, we will introduce the research and development of information and communication technology at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications toward the realization of autonomous driving, and also introduce the efforts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications regarding 5G and new wireless communication technologies beyond that.


    Next, Mr. Yamato Igarashi, Mobile Communication Section Chief, Radio Department, General Communication Infrastructure Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) gave a special lecture entitled "Trends toward the realization of autonomous driving and efforts by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications". He explained the image of progress of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) from the viewpoint of MIC, usage of radio wave in it and MIC's involvement, and the outline of MIC's policies concerning the driving support system. Then he summarized, in particular, the image of realization of Connected Car and requirements of communication for realizing Connected Car society. He mentioned V2X, which means communication between a vehicle and various things. Further, he talked about technological examination required for the next-generationV2X system, verification of the influence that the system has on the existing system, examination of communication requirements for autonomous driving through SIP (Strategic Innovation Promotion Program) lead by Cabinet Office (CAO), formulation of the roadmap for information and communication technologies required to realizing autonomous driving society, research and development of technologies for grasping information around the intersection point in real time as well as distribute the information to vehicles that need it, and the global expansion of Japanese ITS technologies. Then, he developed his speech mentioning evolution of mobile communication systems and the future image of digital society, promotion of 5G to supporting them, examination of local 5G, integrated demonstration tests of 5G, development demonstration for solving problems and so on. Furthermore, he expounded on the functions required for Beyond 5G/6G, the overall picture of Beyond 5G strategic promotion meeting, Roadmap to 5G strategic promotion meeting, and the position of Beyond 5G/6G in Society 5.0.

  • Special Lecture


    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    Mr. Masahiro Nishikawa

    • Road Bureau Road Traffic Management Division Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Promotion Office Manager
    Joined the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) in 1994. Graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo. After working as the director of the Tokyo National Highway Office, he has been in his current position since April 2020.
    "About the efforts of the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism regarding autonomous driving"

    The Road Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has aimed to introduce an autonomous driving service that utilizes autonomous driving technology in collaboration with the SIP project of the Cabinet Office in order to respond to issues such as aging in mountainous areas. We are conducting a demonstration experiment of "autonomous driving service based on roadside stations, etc. in the Ma area". In this lecture, we will introduce efforts to realize safe and smooth driving of autonomous driving in cooperation with road infrastructure, such as partial revision of the Road Law based on the results of demonstration experiments and cases of full-scale introduction.


    As the last speaker of the morning session, Mr. Masahiro Nishikawa, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Promotion Office Manager, Road Traffic Management Division, Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) gave a special lecture "About the efforts of the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism regarding autonomous driving". He outlined three types of sustainable society proposed in the vision formulated in the last June "Roadscape will change in 2040" (society where everyone can move, exchange, and join freely; society where people, goods, and services come in and go out, and which produces energy; and society that overcomes vulnerability of national land to disaster and aging of infrastructure to allow people to live with safety and security), and the direction of policies that support realization of autonomous driving to cope with the above from the side of road infrastructure. Following this, he gave the overview of autonomous driving service demonstration experiments conducted around Michinoeki (roadside stations) in mountainous areas (18 points within the country for a short or long period respectively) with the following base areas as specific examples: 1) "Kamikoani", a roadside station in Kamikoani Village, Akita Pref., 2) "Okueigeji Keiryu-no-sato", a roadside station in Shiga Pref., and 3) "Akagikogen", a roadside station in Shimane Pref. He also summarized the problems and countermeasures that emerged from these experiments. He emphasized not only technical problems but also importance of issues of building up business models there. He also explained the interim report of the proposal of a study meeting about road space that supports autonomous driving for achieving the government goal by 2025, for which discussion started in July 2019 and proposal made in Nov. 2019, and revision of the Road Law based on the report. In addition, he mentioned solutions for problems such as efforts to realize convoy traveling of trucks as part of utilizing expressway infrastructure, information provisions at merging sections there, provision of read-ahead information, and provision of road traffic information at the lane level.

  • Guest greetings


    Member of the House of Representatives
    Mr. Keiji Furuya

    • Chairman of the Parliamentary League for Considering Automotive Culture
    Member of the House of Representatives, the first Minister of State for Disaster Management, National Resilience. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Seikei University and working for a major insurance company, he was elected 10 times in the Gifu 5th district of the House of Representatives. Parliamentary League Activities: Head of the LDP North Korea Abduction Problem Countermeasures Headquarters, Chairman of the IT Security Thinking Group, Chairman of the Parliamentary League for the Promotion of Information Education, Chairman of the Parliamentary League for the Promotion of Next Generation Energy Systems, Chairman of the Parliamentary League for the Promotion of Liberal Democratic Party Motorsports, and many others .. Book: "Is that so !!" National resilience "" (2014 PHP Institute) / "Looking up, Japan" (2010 PHP Institute) / "To normalize education learned from Thatcher reform" Road "(2005 PHP Institute)

    The afternoon session started with the guest remarks by Mr. Keiji Furuya, member of the House of Representatives (also Chairman of the Parliamentary League for Considering Automotive Culture and many others). While feeling a little complicated as he loves driving, he mentioned a topic of Honda Motor which acquired designation of type for Level 3 autonomous driving for the first time in the world from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). He positioned this as a mere fragment of momentum for autonomous driving to get into full-swing. Then he compared and contrasted the economic and technological impact, and both advantages and disadvantages it brings about. From the point of view as a politician, he expressed his idea that a wide range of government organizations should strengthen the efforts more together as one body in consideration of global competition.

  • Special Lecture


    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    Mr. Yoshitaka Tada

    • Autonomous Driving Strategy Officer, Technology Policy Division, Automobile Bureau
    Joined the Ministry of Transport (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) in 1998. After working as the director of Recall Enforcement Office, Road Transport Bureau, he has been in his current position since April 2020.
    "About efforts toward the realization of autonomous driving"

    The Automobile Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will reduce traffic accidents by promoting the making of safe cars by formulating safety standards for automobiles and promoting the development, commercialization, and popularization of automobiles equipped with safe driving support systems using advanced technology. We aim to make a significant contribution to. In this lecture, we will introduce the latest efforts of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Automobile Bureau toward the realization of autonomous driving.


    The first special lecture in the afternoon, "About efforts toward the realization of autonomous driving", was given by Yoshitaka Tada, Autonomous Driving Strategy Officer, Technology Policy Division, Automobile Bureau, MLIT. After mentioning the significance of autonomous driving, he expounded positioning of Level 3 and 4 (autonomous driving under limited travel conditions), which will especially attract attention in the future out of the levels of autonomous driving. Then he presented the government goals, present situations, and problems for the following items: 1) private vehicle, 2) mobile service, 3) commodity distribution service (truck convoy traveling), and 4) commodity distribution service (autonomous delivery robots). Furthermore, as an image of autonomous driving to realize in 2020, he mentioned commercialization of private vehicles that support Level 3, demonstration experiments of autonomous driving mobile service (remote monitoring and operation in the limited areas), and other items below: 1) Enforcement of the revised Road Transportation Vehicle Law for autonomous driving of private vehicles on expressways / the safety standards for autonomous vehicles, 2) Major autonomous driving demonstration experiments about unmanned mobile services, 3) Demonstration and technical development of truck convoy traveling (with unmanned / manned following vehicle), and 4) Starting the demonstration experiment of the autonomous delivery robots. In addition, regarding demonstration of national projects, he summarized the contents of verification and future tasks according to the purposes. Subsequently, he explained revised points of Road Transportation Vehicle Law and the safety standards of the autonomous operation device (both enforced in April, 2020), the system for examining the international standards pertaining to autonomous driving technology, centering on the Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (GRVA) for the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), and the overview of "Last-mile autonomous vehicle system" guidelines. He also mentioned liability for damage in autonomous driving, investigation of cause of accidents for autonomous vehicles and research analysis, and efforts of promoting prevention of overconfidence in driving support systems such as braking for reducing collision damage.

  • Special Lecture


    National Police Agency
    Mr. Masahide Hatakeyama

    • General Manager of Autonomous Driving Planning Office, Transportation Planning Division, Transportation Bureau
    After graduating from Waseda University in March 1989, joined the National Police Agency in April of the same year. After working as the Chief of the Police Department of the Nagasaki Prefectural Police Headquarters and the Director of the Salary and Welfare Division of the Commissioner-General of the National Police Agency, he assumed his current position in June 2017.
    "About police efforts toward the realization of autonomous driving"

    We believe that autonomous driving technology is indispensable for reducing traffic accidents and alleviating traffic congestion, and the police will support the progress of autonomous driving so that it can be realized at an early stage according to the road environment in Japan. We are implementing various initiatives from the perspective. In this lecture, we will introduce the police's efforts toward the realization of autonomous driving, focusing on the partial revision of the Road Traffic Act (related to autonomous driving) corresponding to the practical application of autonomous driving technology and the improvement of the environment for public road demonstration experiments.


    The last special lecture for the Conference was "About police efforts toward the realization of autonomous driving" by Mr. Masahide Hatakeyama, General Manager of Autonomous Driving Planning Office, Transportation Planning Division, Transportation Bureau, National Police Agency (NPA). After describing the characteristics of traffic accident situations in Japan in which damage of the vulnerable road users are outstanding, he expounded the overview of the levels of autonomous driving, the roadmap for realizing autonomous driving, which expects realization of Level 3 for private vehicles on expressways by 2020 and Level 4 for private vehicles on expressways by 2025, and activities of the committee for research and examination in NPA. Then he explained 1) Revision of Road Traffic Law (enforced in April, 2020), including regulations of the autonomous operation device for practical realization of Level 3, obligations of the driver when this device is used and when not, obligations to record the operating state and keep it, and so on, and 2) the overview of research and examination with regard to the problems of traffic rules for practical realization of Level 4. Moreover, in consideration of demonstration experiments with growing weight in the future, he introduced the following items specifically: 1) "Guidelines for demonstration experiments on public roads concerning the autonomous driving system" (formulated in 2016) which clarify subjects allowable of conducting demonstration experiments on public roads without any particular permission nor notification, 2) Clarification of the road usage licensing standard (regarding a remote-type autonomous driving system or specially equipped vehicles) for conducting demonstration experiments without a method based on the guidelines or those using a vehicle of special shape safely and smoothly, 3) Procedure of demonstration experiments on public roads regarding autonomous delivery robots and supporting measures of NPA, and 4) Among policies of NPA related with autonomous driving for SIP in the 2nd period, provision of signal information through the roadside infrastructure, provision of signal information utilizing cloud etc., and signal control using GNSS (position information) etc., which they are supposed to cope with in the fiscal year of 2020.

Virtual Reality Design Studio UC-win/Road Presentation


UC-win/Road Safe Driving Simulator-National Public Safety Commission Type Certification-, VR Application Cases

FORUM8 Executive Officer System Sales Manager Katsumi Matsuda

Introducing the UC-win / Road safe driving simulator that has obtained the driving simulator type certification of the National Public Safety Commission. In addition, the latest case studies utilizing VR digital platforms in the fields of autonomous driving, ADAS, and mobility, AUTOSAR-compliant embedded system development services, Shade3D and VR cooperation, AR systems, VR promotion council initiatives, and domestic 3D game engine suites. We will also introduce the Suite Chidori Game engine.


After these special lectures, the first half of the afternoon session was concluded with "Virtual Reality Design Studio UC-win/Road Presentation". Firstly, FORUM8 staff made presentation entitled "UC-win / Road Safe Driving Simulator-National Public Safety Commission Type Certification-, VR Application Cases". While mentioning the overall flow of data processing with UC-win/Road as its core, he explained real-time driving simulation utilizing open point cloud data, using animation. Then, he introduced the UC-win / Road safe driving simulator that obtained the driving simulator type certification of the National Public Safety Commission, new commercial of "FORUM8* Pakkun" now on air, new AUTOSAR-compliant embedded system development services, the latest characteristic case studies of users, the sight line measurement plug-in option, the object-detecting plug-in, the simulation real-time cooperation plug-in option, shader customization, VISSIM plug-in, VR-NEXT®, Shade3D Ver.21, AR Solution, the virtual show room and so on.

Landscape of the VR world and evolution of FORUM8 product development

FORUM8 Executive Officer VR Development Technical Manager Pencreach Yoann

Introducing the latest information on the development of UC-win / Road and a new web service of virtual reality. In particular, we plan to introduce a new C ++ API that supports the purpose of research and development, expansion of driving and traffic simulation, and 4D-5D simulation that really makes use of VR simulation. In addition, we will explain how to interact with VR and cloud technology in the future, new initiatives for VR-NEXT and Web VR applications, and future prospects.


Finally, FORUM8 staff in charge of development made a presentation entitled "Landscape of the VR world and evolution of FORUM8 product development". As the new functions of the existing UC-win/Road, he enumerated simulation of driving / weather / sound, improvement in 3D edit functions, FBX file output, and support for 4D simulation etc. Next, as the new functions of UC-win/Road Ver.15 under development (planned to be released in Feb., 2021), he mentioned support for C++API and BIM/CIM, 4D to nD (multidimensional) simulation, and improvement in performance such as faster speed of rendering and so on. Furthermore, along with the development environment and vision of VR Solution, he also mentioned glTF Viewer (VR-NEXT®), the virtual exhibition system, and key words for development in the future.

Published Literature Announcement


Introducing 3 new publications of FORUM8 Publishing that will be published together with the event. We invite the authors and supervisors to introduce the contents of each book.
Click here for details of the book contents

Structural analysis based on numerical simulation Augmented and revised edition
Mr. Hiromichi Yoshikawa

City and Architecture Blog Overview -50+Notes on Captivating Destinations-
Mr. Tomohiro Fukuda

Expression Technology Certification Database Official Guidebook
Mr. Kazuki Ishikawa


Introductory Books for Structural Analysis and Database, Aims of Publishing Books for Introducing Cities Linked to 3D Digital Cities

FORUM8 Publishing published 3 books at the same time with this Design Festival was held. Authors of these books gave lectures at the end of Day1.

Firstly, author of "Structural Analysis based on Numerical Simulation 2020 Augmented and Revised Edition" with a subtitle "Nonlinear analysis and response analysis to learn by software", Dr. Hiromichi Yoshikawa, Prof. Emeritus of Tokyo City University introduced the outline of this book, which is a revised edition after 10 years since its first edition. According to him, the characteristics of this book is as follows: 1) It enumerates case analysis, numerical simulation, and parametric analysis for the purpose of showing structural analysis through simulation and case examples, 2) Reflecting conviction "Pictures are essential for engineers", it contains a large number of easy-to-understand charts and photos, and 3) It summarizes points necessary for design and analysis. In particular, he says he positively presented related analysis from a standpoint of "analysis is a numerical experiment". Then he explained; 1) As chapters of the book are organized independently from each other, one can start reading from any part he or she needs, 2) This book helps cultivating one's way of concrete modeling, and how to read or assess the analysis results. It is helpful in understanding the way of qualitative or quantitative assessment, and 3) It is intended to use as an introductory book for design / construction engineers, or a teaching material for technical colleges / Universities. He showed a flow starting from this book as a book for introduction and cultivation, aiming at NaRDA (National Resilience Design Award) as a goal.

Next, author of "City and Architecture Blog: Overview 50+Notes on Captivating Destinations", Professor Tomohiro Fukuda, Osaka University Graduate School mentioned the column series he had been writing in the FORUM8 quarterly magazine "Up & Coming" since autumn in 2009. According to his explanation about the process of making this book from the series, he had been keeping on writing columns through participation in academic conferences and projects, and interviews he made in the local communities where town planning or environmental activities were performed. As the memorial of the 50th article in the series, he brushed up and reorganized the contents. The book also introduces the efforts of multiple joint academy, industry, government research projects with local communities as their core respectively. At the beginning, the series started as a plan for him to simply introduce respective cities. Later, he proposed FORUM8, “What about making 3D digital cities from the cities introduced in the magazine?”. Based on his proposal, 3D digital cities were also constructed in parallel. Showing animation, he said that 3D digital cities, which were also refined, could be accessed on the Internet.

Book Launching Lectures were closed by the author of “Expression Technology Certification Database Official Guide Book", Mr. Kazuki Ishikawa, Standing Auditor of FORUM8 and Part-time instructor at Daido University. First of all, he positioned this book as the 2nd book of the training series following the "Information Processing" edition (by the same author). Based on the role of the book as a guidebook for examinees of Expression Technology Certification hosted by State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association, he described its aim to allow the readers to learn basic knowledge about database. Accordingly, after outlining the mechanism of database, he explained the concept of data and information, taking the information pyramid that starts form things and events to data, information, knowledge, and wisdom for example. Furthermore, he expounded the structure of relational database to which this book attaches weight. Finally, he showed an idea that database serves as "foundations for knowledge discovery", and while mentioning topics about data mining and AI, expressed his hope that the readers would take this opportunity to know about database, which people use on a day-to-day basis without being aware of its contents so much.


-19th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud Awards Ceremony- The 19th 3DVR Simulation Contest

Commentary of award-winning works by industry experts

A must-see event of the latest utilizations of UC-win/Road are showcased!

3D/VR Simulation Contest on Cloud starts with the award winning VR Design Studio UC-win/Road software. The main event of the FORUM8 design festival is the competition between international and domestic contestants to see who can create the most advanced VR simulation using VR Design Studio UC-win/Road. A general public online vote has also been implemented since 2011. This year is surely going to be exciting!


"Construction VR simulation during bridge repair" SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd.

In order to improve workability, it is important to accurately grasp the on-site situation and reflect it in the plan. This time, we collected point cloud data before the construction work, and modeled the parts accurately from the design drawings to express the on-site conditions. Then we expressed the assumed construction contents and examined the workability.

Award Ceremony Report

Implementing VR into Society through Accurate Reproduction of Construction Works and Training of Disaster Recovery Works

In the second half of the afternoon session, award ceremony for "the 19th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud" was held.

Prior to this, the meeting for selecting nomination works was held on Oct. 23, when 10 works were nominated out of a large number of works applied by Oct. 16. The result of a general public online vote for these works conducted using VR-Cloud® from Nov. 5 to 15 was also considered. Prizes were finally decided at the examining meeting held on Nov. 17 (at FORUM8 Tokyo Headquarters). Judges were composed of Professor Fumio Seki (Jury Chair), Civil Engineering Department, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University; Mr. Hiroo Kasagi, NPO Chiikizukuri Kobo (Community Development Studio) Representative; and Mr. Tetsunori Haraguchi, Visiting Professor, Organization for Future Society Creation, Nagoya University.

As a result, SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd. won Grand Prix (the highest award) for "Construction VR simulation during bridge repair". They collected point cloud data before executing a construction work, and at the same time modeled the members accurately from the design drawings. Then they expressed both the construction site and the assumed construction contents using VR, and examined workability in advance. By setting a scenario, it is possible to confirm individual execution simulation with animation. It was highly evaluated (by Prof. Seki) for having reproduced the world of so-to-speak "The Construction work" accurately and realistically, which includes not only the complicated process of maintenance but also heavy construction machinery and scaffold.

2nd Prize (Excellence Award) was won by Kyushu Technical Office, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for "Simulator for remote control training". Using VR data that reproduced the area around the Aso Ohashi bridge, which collapsed due to the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, they built up a remote-control training simulator for compact type backhoe for the purpose of initial response in the event of a disaster by connecting a remote operation controller. This enables the user to experience the image of training that applies actual equipment within a space that imitates a disaster site. It was regarded as a good example of implementing the world of VR into society, as it is important to always experience situations of disaster recovery efforts (Mr. Haraguchi).

  • グランプリ

    医療法人社団城東桐和会 タムス浦安病院

  • 準グランプリ 優秀賞


  • アイデア賞


  • エッセンス賞


  • 審査員特別賞 Advanced賞


  • 審査員特別賞 地域づくり賞



家入 龍太 氏

  • 司会・進行役 /
  • 表彰式進行役



    関 文夫 氏

    • 審査
    • 日本大学 理工学部
      土木工学科 教授


  • 審査員

    傘木 宏夫 氏

    • NPO 地域づくり工房 代表

    環境アセスメント学会常務理事、自治体問題研究所理事、長野大非常勤講師 他。H17地球温暖化防止活動環境大臣賞受賞。著書に「仕事おこしワークショップ」等。


    原口 哲之理 氏

    • 名古屋大学 未来社会創造機構 特任教授

    京都大学大学院機械工学専攻後、トヨタ自動車にて主に実験分野で車両運動性能開発、企画分野で将来車両企画を担当。2011年より名古屋大学特任教授。2019年より日本大学生産工学部 自動車工学リサーチセンター上席研究員。


  • 10/16(金)
  • 10/23(金)
  • 11/17(火)
    受賞作品本審査会 会場:フォーラムエイト東京本社
  • 11/18(水)


  • 最優秀賞

    GALLERIA 高性能ゲーミングノートPC

  • 準グランプリ

    GALLERIA 高性能ゲーミングノートPC、図書カード

  • アイデア・エッセンス賞


  • 審査員賞

    Insta360 EVO 360度カメラ

  • ノミネート賞


  • ※PC特別協賛 株式会社サードウェーブ

DAY2 11/19[Thu] Hybrid Online or at Shinagawa Intercity Hall


-The 21st UC-win/Road Conference- The 21st VR Conference

Opening greetings


Opening speech of The 14th FORUM8 Design Festival CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

Day2 of the Design Festival (Nov. 19, 2020) opened up with opening speech by CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito.
He looked back the overview of Special Lecutures on Day1, the result of The 19th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud, and introduced new publications and the schedule of Day2.


The latest features of Shade 3D and future prospects, utilization of Suite Chidori engine

Introducing future prospects and latest usage examples including "UC-win/Road" cooperation such as new functions implemented in the latest version Ver.21 and 2D drawing function. In addition, we will introduce the "BIM/CIM verification option" that corresponds to the guidelines for verifying and inspecting the BIM/CIM model formulated by the newly developed Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism with actual demonstrations. We will also introduce the cooperation between the non-commercial and academy free domestic 3D game engine "Suite Chidori Engine" and "Shade 3D" released in April 2020.

  • FORUM8 Shade3D Development Group, Deputy Manager, Ken Takatori
  • FORUM8 Executive Officer System Sales Manager, Katsumi Matsuda
  • Overview of Shade3D
    Being equipped with functions such as the high-precise modeling, layout, camera, light source, rendering, and animation for the architectural perspective, interior design, and product design, Shade3D can be utilized as the modeling tool for UC-win/Road. An academic tool supporting the programming education is released in the latest version.


More advanced and multi-functionalized CG/VR solutions

Day2 (Nov. 19th, 2020) started with a presentation named "The latest features of Shade 3D and future prospects, utilization of Suite Chidori engine" by a FORUM8 staff. He introduced the latest functions of Shade3D and the real-time linkage with UC-win/Road and did a demonstration of the IFC input/output and BIM/CIM design check tool corresponding to the guideline by the MLIT. As for the newest feature of Suite Chidori Engine, he explained the post effect library. In addition to showing the demonstration using sample data, he talked about the programming PC based on the GIGA School Concept and TV commercials that Pakkun appears.

Public final examination 10:30-12:00 / Award ceremony 16:00-17:00

The 8th Cloud Programming World Cup
The 10th Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud
The 8th CPWC / The 10th VDWC

"8th CPWC" competing for cloud application programming technology using development kits and "10th VDWC" competing for advanced architectural and civil engineering designs in the cloud. This year, we have the first team to pass the first match from Pakistan, and it has a more international appearance in Asia including Japan, Europe and the United States. At the final public screening, students will give presentations rich in ideas.

  • Host

    Ms. Kaltida Tada

    Born in Bangkok. Multi-Lingual MC. Model, narrator.

  • Presenter

    Mr. Patrick Harlan

    It will be delivered by Patrick Harlan (Pakkun) who is appearing in the TV commercial provided by our company.

CPWC Award

  • World Cup Award

    • Award 300,000 yen
    • Certificate. Crystal Cup
  • Honorable Judge Award

    • Award 50,000 yen
    • Certificate. Memorial Cup
  • Nomination Award

    • Certificates, Souvenirs


  • 福田 知弘 氏

    • CPWC審査委員長
    • 大阪大学大学院 工学研究科 准教授
  • 楢原 太郎 氏

    • ニュージャージー工科大学 建築デザイン学部 准教授
  • 佐藤 誠 氏

    • 東京工業大学 名誉教授
  • ペンクレアシュ・ヨアン 氏

    • フォーラムエイト執行役員開発シニアマネージャ
Wold Cup Award Grand Prix

DrEyeVer: Detecting Objects on Driver’s Focus of Attention for Intelligent Vehicle
Kookmin University (Korea) Team Name : KaAI

This project combines information about the driver's eyegeases obtained from wearable eye tracker on a driving simulator equipped with UC-win/Road. A system is developed to warn the driver of unrecognised vehicles in the surrounding vehicles.


Many highly complete systems including technologies related to autonomous driving and cooperation with sensor model

The 8th CPWC is a competition that students around the world compete their programming skills by using the development kit for UC-win/Road, VR-Cloud®, and Suite Chidori Engine. Among 27 entries from all over the world, 7 works were nominated. We held the final judgment and award ceremony by online live focusing on the attendees from overseas.

As for the presentations of each nominee, the chief of committee Tomohiro Fukuda commented that many of works and presentations were made in a very high completion level despite this COVID-19 crisis. As we can see in this comment, all juries gave high evaluation to each work. Seeing from the technology side, many works were built by the combination of autonomous driving, AI, and sensor technology, and the realization possibility in the future seemed to be also high.

The Grand Prix was given to "DrEyeVer: Detecting Objects on Driver’s Focus of Attention for Intelligent Vehicle" by KaAI (Kookmin University, Korea). This system combines the UC-win/Road driving simulator and driver's eye-tracking data obtained with the wearable eye tracker, and it alerts when the driver is not aware of vehicles around the vehicle in operation. Prof. Fukuda said "The total level was high as seen in the integration technology in addition to the use of driver's view data and eye-tracking".

VDWC Award

  • World Cup Award

    • Award 300,000 yen
    • Certificate. Crystal Cup
  • 2nd Prize

    • Award 100,000 yen
    • Certificate. 2nd Prize Cup
  • Honorable Judge Award

    • Award 50,000 yen
    • Certificates, Souvenirs
  • Nomination Award

    • Certificates, Souvenirs


  • 池田 靖史 氏

    • VDWC実行委員長
    • 慶應義塾大学大学院 政策・メディア研究科 教授
    • IKDS代表
  • コスタス・テルジディス 氏

    • 同済大学設計創意学院教授
  • 皆川 勝 氏

    • 東京都市大学 副学長
    • 工学部都市工学科 教授
  • C・デイビット・ツェン 氏

    • 台湾国立交通大学教授
Wold Cup Award Grand Prix

Kanazawa University (Japan) Team Name : FamilyLab

Future Forest City is a smart, sustainable, and environmental-friendly city in Kalimantan. The main concept of this city is ubiquitous wireless charging that allowing Abee (a special drone we designed) and other flying vehicles traveling through the city. Abee and holographic projection technology can create an immersive augmented reality (AR) environment to facilitate people’s daily life. In consideration of reducing exposure to scorching sunlight and realizing rainwater collecting, we designed tree-shape complex function buildings to address these problems. Furthermore, Future Forest City using renewable energy such as solar energy, bioenergy, and wind energy.


Lively online award ceremony with participants from all over the world

The theme of the 10th VDWC was 'Future Mobility Lifestyle in Kalimantan, Indonesia's New Capital known as the "Forest City"'. About the students' suggestions for the future sustainable city such as the advanced mobility to decrease traffic jam and the entertainment combining nature and digital, the committee chair Yasushi Ikeda highly appreciated their attitude toward solving the current pandemic situation.

FutureForestCity FamilyLab (Kanazawa University, Japan) that won the Grand Prix designed a smart, sustainable, and eco-friendly city. The main concept is the ubiquitous wireless charging for the special-designed drone named Abee and other flight vehicles. The juries appriciated the mechanism that Abee and holographic projection technology built the immersive augmented reality (AR) environment to assist daily life, and the integrated ideas of the reusable energy such as sunshine energy, bio energy, and wind energy.

This was the first trial of connecting the award winners all over the world online and holding presentation, final judgment, and even award ceremony. On the screen of Animal Crossing Rainforest Vein (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan) which won the Excellence Award, we could see a lot of friends of the team members were cheering the team with full of enthusiasm.


The 6th State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association / Latest Technology Art Session

Special Lecture


Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

Mr. Toshihiko Yamazaki

Profile Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. Specializes in multimedia processing and machine learning centered on images and videos.

New experiences and values created by AI

AI is playing an active role in various fields such as object recognition and translation. We are conducting research on goods and services that appeal to people's sensibilities and emotions, such as "sticking," "shining," and "sounding," by combining various data. In this lecture, we will introduce some of the latest cases.


Pay attention to new value generated from the AI technologies and the latest expressions

"The 6th State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association / Latest Technology Art Sessions" was held in the former half of Day2 afternoon. First of all, Associate Professor Toshihiko Yamasaki from Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo gave a special lecture named "New experiences and values created by AI". The theme of the lecture was the "attractive engineering" using the image recognition, AI, and deep learning. He talked about his study on things and services made by combining several data which appeal to human sensibilities and emotions such as impressiveness and attractiveness. A lot of guests at the venue were attracted by one of his case studies of increasing the number of "Like" on SNS.

State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association

13:15-13:20 14:00-14:30

Chairman for the State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association

Mr. Akira Hasegawa

Profile Digital art creator
Born in 1947 in Komatsu, Ishikawa. Received many awards including Grand Prix of TVCM section by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association and ACC Award and more. He created thousands of company logos, TV programs, TV commercials, and advertisements.

Announcement of the 4th Hagura Award

To spread and promote the state-of-the-art expression technology, State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association established "Hagura Award". The purpose of this award is to contribute to enhancing the quality of expression technologies and spreading them to various fields by commending contributions to the society through works and activities utilizing the state of the art expression technologies regardless of field. The winners will be announced in this session.


A total of 13 works were selected from a record number of entries.

Next, we announced The 4th Hagura Award and held the award ceremony. This year, the highest number of works ever were recommended, and total of 13 works including 1 Hagura Award, 1 FORUM8 Award, 4 Encouraging Award, and 7 Nominate Award were selected.

"Automatic creation of photo-realistic singer and dancer characters from one image" by Department of Applied Physics, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University was selected as the enterprize award "FORUM8 Award". A character that sings and dances can be created automatically by combining a dance motion capture technology and a technology to create a high-definition face model and realistic facial expression from a face photo and singing voice.

The Hagura Award was given to "Noto Hiba Speaker" by Hokuriku Advanced Sound Engineering Lab. This was the first work expressed by only sound. This innovative speaker drive circuit technology drives the speaker unit with current, predicts the voice coil speed from the detected electromotive force and current signal by high-speed analog signal processing, and constitutes the feedback system. Since it is sensorless, it has a high-speed response and can be applied to commonly used speaker units.


The 13th International VR Symposium

An international VR symposium where members of "World 16" composed of researchers from all over the world in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, city planning, etc. have gathered to present and discuss proposals for using VR. So far, America Phoenix (2008), Hakone (2009), USA Santa Barbara (2010), Italy Pisa (2011), Howai (2014), Greece Thessaroniki (2015) ), Osaka (2016), Boston MIT (2017), New Zealand (2018), Paris, France (2019). The event will be held under the direction of Mr. Yoshihiro Kobayashi of Arizona State University with the goal of presenting the results of research and development and the development of packaged products realized through collaboration between World16 and our company.



Arizona State Univ.

Dr. Yoshihiro Kobayashi

Future development of FORUM8 products

Executive officer and Development Senior Manager of FORUM8

Pencreach Yoann

Presentation about how FORUM8 and World16 will apply each project to the development of FORUM8 products including the concrete prospect and future vision.


A lot of UC-win/Road researches utilizing advanced technology including image recognition

At the International VR Symposium, "W16", the group of researchers from various fields in universities all over the world present research results of the workshop held every summer. Lead by Prof. Yoshihiro Kobayashi from Arizona State University, this project marked the 13th anniversary. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, both of summer workshop and International VR Symposium were held online this year. The researchers presented many unique research developments seeking advanced utilization of UC-win/Road.

Virtual & Interactive Museums Real Estates Collaborative Design

Robert Gordon University

Prof. Amar Bennadji


Under the influence of covid-19, he suggested the use of interactive virtual tour application on the Web as part of architectural design education. He wants to use it at exhibitions, housing exhibitions, and sightseeing spots in the future.

Flexible Traffic Lights

Tongji University Design Creative Academy

Prof. Kostas Terzidis


His study is on the traffic control by using AI technologies and neural network. Information was regressed from a mathematical probability approach such as permutation to recognize and judge, and he verified what kind of traffic control is comfortable for the driver.

Visual Voxel Heatmap Generation

Victoria University of Wellington

Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel


He collected 3D data by using the voxel heat map, and based on some main points, he built a system that analyze human behavior. Data of vector, time, and position obtained from eye-tracking data enables the quantitative analysis.

GANs and Latent Space

University of California

Prof. Marcos Novac


This GAN extracts elements contained in information such as images by deep learning and generates a new space from them. Segmentations that recreate characters and change scenery style are also available.

VR Immersive Experience Engaging Five Senses

Virginia Tech

Prof. Thomas Tucker


A real model created from a 3D model was linked with UC-win/Road by using the VIVE tracker sensor. He created a realistic city by creating paper models using texturing and by stacking up buildings.

The colors of point-cloud

Virginia Tech

Prof. Dongsoo Choi


Point cloud were visualized with a three-dimensional effect by etching and shader. Using point cloud data without color and brightness information, the analysis was performed by changing the point cloud size and the numerical value of the data itself to change the lighting and color.

HVRI for Architecture Modeling Design within Immersive Virtual Reality

Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen

Prof. Sky Lo Tian Tian


This is an AR system that allows users to remotely control UC-win/Road data mapping projected on the screen fixed on the table top by using Hololens and gestures.

Assessing VR toward preventing VR sickness

Osaka University

Prof. Tomohiro Fukuda


To ease the VR sickness, he expanded the video shader. From video data, a heat map can be created quickly in real time using the acceleration and absolute speed. The blur effect by shader was also explained.

Agent Based Modeling of Infection in the Built Environment


Matthew Swarts 氏


Artistic Filters on Point Clouds in UC-win/Road

Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art

Prof. Rebeka Vital


She customized a shader and developed a function to apply filters to point cloud. Particles can be converted to hexa, brushing stroke, crystal, and spiral.

Car accident Simulation & Visualization The advantage of VR and UC-win/Road

Miami, School of Architecture

Prof. Ruth Ron


The impact at the time of collision of car and motorbike was visualized by physical simulation. The driving simulation under bad visibility like mist and rain was also possible. Additional tests such as the snowy weather are also planned.

5D Development system UC-win/Road Sustainable Planning and Design

University of Pisa

Prof. Paolo Fiamma


This is a research to utilize UC-win/Road for making a sustainable urban development. Using IFC data, the system computes time and cost from the quantity of heavy machine, road, ramp, and tree required for infrastructure arrangement and proposes data.


The 6th Junior Software Seminar Award Ceremony

Excellent works created in "Junior Software Seminar" are awarded.


Free and joyful VR expressions are created one after another

FORUM8 holds "Junior Software Seminar" for elementary and junior high school students in every long vacation in winter, spring, and summer. Works created by participants in a year are awarded at Design Festival every year. The participants gathered at the hall and online, and Pakkun was also on the stage as the commentator. A total of 25 works, the highest ever, were commended this year. 12 works were awarded to Gold Prize, 10 to Silver Prize, and 3 to Bronze Prize.

DAY3 11/20[Fri] Hybrid Online or at Shinagawa Intercity Hall


-The14th Design Conference IM&VR・i-Construction Session - The 14th Design Conference

With a view of BIM/CIM and i-Construction promoted by the MLIT, specialists in each field of seismic, disaster mitigation, and informational construction deliver speeches. In addition, FORUM8 staff introduces FORUM8 solutions using CIM and covering various phases such as performance design and maintenance and the activities based on the SDGs missions.

Opening Speech


Opening speech of The 14th FORUM8 Design Festival CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

Day3 of the Design Festival (Nov. 20, 2020) opened up with opening speech by CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito.
He provided the overview of Special Lecutures on Day1/Day2, the result of The 19th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud, CPWC/VDWC, Hagura Award, and introduced the schedule of Day3.

Special Lecture1


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister's Secretariat Engineering Affairs Division Director for Construction Productivity Improvement

Mr. Kenjiro Hirose

Profile He joined the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) in 2000. Completed the master's program at Hokkaido University Graduate School. After working as the director of the Yamagata River National Highway Office, he has been in his current position since April 2019.

Promotion of i-Construction

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is promoting "i-Construction" to promote the utilization of ICT at construction sites and the equalization of construction time in order to respond to issues such as labor shortages and shortages of workers, which are concerns in the future in Japan. In addition, taking the opportunity of coronavirus infection, they are also working on digital transformation in the infrastructure field such as non-contact and remote working styles utilizing digital technology. This lecture will comprehensively introduce these efforts.


Resolving issues surrounding public technology through i-Construction and the use of new technologies

Day3 (November 20, 2020) started with a special lecture on "Promotion of i-Construction" by Mr. Kenjiro Hirose, Construction Productivity Improvement Promotion Officer, Technical Research Division, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. First, he touched on the current situation surrounding public technology, such as the aging of construction workers and the movement to review long working hours, and explained the prospects for solving problems by utilizing i-Construction and new technologies. In addition to expanding the types of ICT construction work, improving the efficiency of on-site work, and leveling the construction time, he also introduced the method of introducing new technologies, new construction methods, and new materials by connecting the entire construction project with 3D data and the movement towards the international standardization. Overall, he explained the importance of system development and support for the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition, he introduced comprehensive efforts, including topics such as promoting the use of digital technology for remote work triggered by COVID-19, and digital transformation in the infrastructure field.

Presentation 1


IM & VR - VR Digital Platform for Improving Productivity in the DX Era -

Katsumi Matsuda, Executive Officer and System Sales Manager of FORUM8

He will mainly introduce application examples in the fields of computerized construction, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation utilizing IM (Information Modeling) & VR solutions, while the utilization of i-Construction and BIM/CIM is being promoted. In addition, he will also introduce the latest BIM/CIM requirements such as UC-1 Cloud automatic design series compatible with full cloud, cloud accounting series that can be linked with integration, Data Eraser Suite that guarantees the certainty of erasure of important and confidential data on the PC and 4D simulation by VR Design Studio UC-win/Road.


The presentation focused on the details of the VR digital platform that is the core of FORUM8's DX solution, including our latest solutions Data Eraser Suite, Construction Accounting Software Suite, and the Virtual Showroom.

Special Lecture2


Cabinet Secreteary National Resilience Promotion Office Counsellor, Minister's Secretariat

Yasushi Yamamoto

Profile Joined the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) in April 1994. After working as General Manager of Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, he has been in his current position since July 2019.

Recent Efforts to Strengthen the Land

As disasters have become more frequent and intensified in recent years,it is an urgent task to promote national resilience to protect the lives and property of the people. In addition to the outline of national resilience, he will introduce the recent efforts of the government, local governments, and the private sector for national resilience.


Conducted special lectures regarding the leading practices of i-Construction

In the first half of the afternoon of Day3, a special lecture entitled "Recent Efforts for National Resilience" was given by Mr. Yasushi Yamamoto, Counselor of the National Resilience Promotion Office of the Cabinet Secretariat. He introduced the outline and implementation status of "three-year emergency measures" that are being promoted in the wake of a series of major disasters occurred in recent years, including the "necessity of national resilience" and its definition, which are shown based on the data of disasters that have occurred so far. He also explained the ongoing activities in the future, providing examples such as excavation of rivers, raising of embankments, deployment of private power generation equipment in hospitals, measures against inundation of airport terminals, and expansion of mobile base stations.

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of cooperation between local governments and private companies as an initiative to promote national resilience, introducing the promotion of "mutual assistance" including the support for local governments utilizing on-site lectures, BCP formulation by calling on the private sector, provision of disaster prevention products and services, dissemination and enlightenment, and human resource development.


-The 7th National Resilience Design Award Result Announcement and Award Ceremony- The 7th National Resilience Design Award

"National Resilience Design Award" is the place to provide information and to improve skills by assembling concrete cases and results which is helping to strengthen the national land.
Various brilliant works for strengthening of national land in the field of structural analysis (civil engineering and construction), ground and water engineering, and disaster prevention will be introduced.


"Comparison of seismic test result by using 2D and 3D model of existing water tank" Nihon Suiko Consultant Co.,Ltd

Program:Engineer's Studio®
2D section models are often used for designing water tank structure, but the validity of the models are sometimes unreliable when the shape is complex or the size is unique. In this work, the test is conducted by using 2D section models as usual at first. After that, as a proposal, 3D models using plate element same as the actual structure are created and analyzed to compare the results between 2D model and 3D model.


Rational and proprietary technical proposals accumulate, expecting further expansion

Prior to the event, the jury chairman Prof. Hiromichi Yoshikawa (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo City University), and the jury members Prof. Masaru Morita (Vice President and Professor of Urban Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Shibaura Institute of Technology) and Prof. Akihiko Wakai (Professor of Science and Engineering Department, Gunma University) conducted a final review on the nominated works related to structural analysis (civil engineering / architecture), geotechnical engineering, water engineering, and disaster prevention. After careful consideration by the juries, Grand Prix, 2nd Prize, and 3 Honorable Judge Award have been selected, and the award ceremony was held on November 20th, Day 3 of the FORUM8 Design Festival.

The Grand Prix was awarded to Nihon Suiko Consultant Co.,Ltd in recognition of their outstanding work “Comparison of seismic test result by using 2D and 3D model of existing water tank - Validity of analysis and verification in different models –“ that demonstrated excellent use of Engineer's Studio® for designing a strong water tank structure in terms of seismic stability and for conducting a seismic test. 2D section models are often used for designing water tank structure, but the validity of the models are sometimes unreliable when the shape is complex or the size is unique. In this work, the test is conducted by using 2D section models as usual at first. After that, as a proposal, 3D models using plate element same as the actual structure are created and analyzed to compare the results between 2D model and 3D model. The jury chairman Prof. Hiromichi Yoshikawa commented “There are many consultants that are having a hard time deciding whether to use 2D models or 3D models for designing water tank structures or structures on a pond, and this work specifically presented a good example of how to combine 2D models and 3D models together to get excellent results to such consultants. This is what makes this work so great.”

The 2nd Prize (Excellence Award) was awarded to Naigai Engineering Co., Ltd. in recognition of their excellent work “Seismic performance test using observed seismic motion - Seismic performance test for headworks and comparison of damage –“. They explained “With the increasing demands for seismic test and seismic countermeasure in recent years, it is necessary to understand the degree of lack of seismic performance of each facility in order to determine the necessity and priority of seismic measures among many facilities. At that time, the assessment based on the actual situation will result in the efficient seismic measure and cost reduction.” They used Engineer's Studio® to demonstrate an excellent example of verifying the seismic performance of the headworks by using actual observed seismic motion and comparing the consistency of damage status between the actual damage situation and the test result. Prof. Morita commented “The close examination that they demonstrated through their work, and the high degree of perfection that they brought their work to should be credited, and this is why they were selected as a winner of the Excellence award.”

Lastly, the jury chairman Prof. Yoshikawa summarized the significance of NaRDA by stating “The whole objective of NaRDA is to demonstrate a specific theme that contributes to disaster prevention and national resilience through your project and present that theme on a single panel, rather than in an academic paper or on a design calculation sheet.” Next year, he expects to see more projects that present their ideas in an even more understandable way using schematics and numerical values skillfully, as he expressed his hopes for further participation in the coming year.



家入 龍太 氏

  • 司会・進行役 /
  • 表彰式進行役



    吉川 弘道 氏

    • 審査委員長
    • 東京都市大学 名誉教授


  • 審査員

    守田 優 氏

    • 芝浦工業大学 副学長
      工学部土木工学科 教授

    芝浦工業大学工学部土木工学科教授。専門は都市水文学、地下水水文学、洪水リスクマネジメント。著書に 「地下水は語る-見えない資源の危機」(岩波新書)。


    若井 明彦 氏

    • 群馬大学 大学院理工学府 教授



  • 賞状
  • トロフィー
  • Critea 高性能ノートPC
  • ポータブルSSD
  • Amazonギフトカード
  • 賞状
  • Altair モバイルノートPC
  • Amazonギフトカード
  • 賞状
  • アクションカメラ
  • Amazonギフトカード
  • 表彰盾
  • 図書カード


  • ・Engineer's Studio® 3次元積層プレート・ケーブルの動的非線形解析
  • ・FEMLEEG 総合有限要素法解析システム
  • ・WCOMD Studio
  • ・地盤解析(GeoFEAS Flow3D/2次元弾塑性地盤解析 GeoFEAS2D/Geo Engineerʼs Studio/動的有効応力解析 UWLC/3次元地すべり LEM3D/2次元浸透流解析 VGFlow
  • ・構造解析、橋梁上部工、橋梁下部工、基礎工、仮設工、道路土工、水工など
  • ・xpswmm(雨水流出解析・氾濫解析ソフトウェア)

Presentation 2


UC-1 Design Series CIM Initiatives and Future Prospects

Sirou Nakahara, Executive Officer and UC-1 Development Group Manager of FORUM8

In the UC-1 design series, the use of BIM/CIM models for simulation and design has already been promoted. In this lecture, he will introduce these approaches, a new program for designing from 3D models and drawings, and future prospects including the relationship with UC-win/Road and Shade3D.


Explained attribute information, number of construction works, guidelines and requirements, online electronic delivery, etc. as the readiness for CIM, and introduced the new product Parametric Tools as our future prospects.

Presentation 3


FORUM8 FEM analysis solution

Masakichi Yanagi, Group leader of FORUM8 Annalysis support Group

From FORUM8's FEM analysis series, we will introduce the latest analysis examples and future development plans for each product of Engineer's Studio® developed in-house, FEMLEEG, a comprehensive finite element method analysis system, and 2D elasto-plastic ground analysis Geo Engineer's Studio.


Explained latest development examples combined with Engineer's Studio® functions, analysis examples from BIM models by FEMLEEG and examples considering construction step, liquefaction support of Geo Engineer's Studio and analysis examples of the impact of neighboring construction.

DAY4 11/21[Sat] Special Tour



カメリアヒルズ カントリークラブ

〒299-0221 袖ヶ浦市大竹265
TEL 0438-75-4111(代表)
9:24スタート(品川インターシティA棟駐車場 7:00送迎出発予定)


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Books published by FORUM8

Exhibited Systems

Leading-edge VR linkage systems including driving simulators are displayed and demonstrated.

Exhibited Systems

The FORUM8 systems were exhibited at Intercity Hall Foyer and online booth during the Design Festival.

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