Frequently Asked Questions

1.About purchases of FORUM8 products

Q1-1.How can I purchase FORUM8 products?


We are accepting web purchases on the following order pages.
We have applied special prices and point services to almost all products. You can choose the means of payment from credit card, the payment plan, lease, or loan.
You can also get an estimation of the products on this site.
 >>Product order pages:

You can also use the web estimation system for a large variety of engineering services such as VR data service, analysis supporting service, and so on.
 >>Web estimation services of the supporting system of UC-win/Road
 >>Web estimation services of the Design Check Support Service
 >>Web estimation services of the Engineer's Studio® Analysis Support Service
 >>Web estimation services of the supporting system of the analysis of the ground
 >>Web estimation services of the supporting system of the analysis of the EXODUS/SMARTFIRE
 >>Web estimation services of the supporting system of the analysis of the xpswmm
 >>Web estimation services of the 3D Modeling Service

You can purchase our products on following information desks of sales department all over Japan, including Tokyo sales department group (03-6894-1888).
You can also order by E-mail and FAX.
If you purchase from abroad, please ask Tokyo sales department group or distributors in your country.
 >>Contact :

Q1-2.Can I get consultations before my purchase?


You can download not only the catalogues which comment on functions of the software products but also trial versions (experience evaluation copy), help files, and electronic manuals from our website. Besides these catalogues, if you ask information desks of sales department, you can also take guidance by telephone, FAX, or E-mail, occasional individual demonstrations and training seminars so you may evaluate before your purchase.
 >>Training Seminar :
 >>Application for Traial Version Download :

About a VR data service and analysis support service, the person in charge informs you of the drawings which are necessary for service contents and an estimate.
We provide these services at our Tokyo sales department group (03-5773-1888) or following sales department information desks all over Japan.
If you purchase from abroad, please ask Tokyo sales department group or distributors in your country.
 >>Contact :
 >>E-Mail : or

Q1-3.What kind of procesures should I follow on using the softwares?


If you purchase a package software, a product package is normally shipped by home delivery.
It contains a product CD, the protection (or a serial code), introduction guide, registration card, and explanation on important subjects.
Please initialize and install drivers and the product as is shown in [introduction guide.]
A contract of the right to use the license is set for a software product and takes effect at the time when you tore the package(The [shrinked-pack contract]).
Please confirm the contract and make use of the products.
We also provide a hardware protect Net Pro, which is the LAN protect corresponding to multi-products and multi-license.
Net Pro can also be used in the WAN environment by purchasing a WAN activation license.
 >>Net PRO :

In the case of the version update using remote update (RUS = Publish of a password), you can use the product from the day you downloaded the program file. (Download from User Information Page) (The download service is available from the day after the product purchase or subscription service contract.)

In the case of a rental license or floating license, our Delivery Center will send you a web authentication serial code by e-mail. You can download your rental product from the URL on the e-mail and use it until the due date.
(If you update the rental period, we will send a new Web authentication serial code.)
 >>Rental license, Floating license :

In the case of the SaaS products, we will send you a login ID and password to access the user groupware. The products work on browsers, and no software download is required.
 >>UC-1 for SaaS :

NetUPDATE provides the comprehensive product use environment and can show important update information, version update history, newest product information, the version of the product at starting or using it, and the batch product download.
 >>NetUPDATE :

Q1-4.What kind of supporting systems are you providing for references to the software?


When you finish the user's registration of your software, you can take [software support services] where you are able to ask Questions by telephone, FAX, or E-mails.
We accept telephone calls during business hours, Faxes and an E-mail are available 24 hours a day.
Your problems are taken care by the person in charge and the specialized issues are handled by the engineers of FORUM8.
 >>FORUM8 Subscription Service :

Q1-5.What kind of services using softwares are you providing?


Q1-6.What training or seminars are you providing?


We hold seminars to help the utilization of the products as Overseas Training Seminar as well as Japanese paid seminar and Japanese trial seminar. In addition, [UC-win/Road 3 days seminar for practitioners] are held individually.

Q1-7.Can I send back the softwares I purchased?


You cannot return the software as a general rule. But you can return it before [shrinked-pack contract] takes effect. (Cf. above mentioned Q1-3)

Q1-8.What should I do if I have a complaint on the softwares?


If you are not satisfied with products or services of FORUM8, please report without hesitation. We intend to solve your troubles with pleasure.
Please usually inform it to the information desks of above mentioned [ support services desk or to the sales offices.

Q1-9.What kind of software products are you providing?


All software products, services are provided on the product information pages (the following URL).
We provide the software products for engineering works and construction, for other applied fields such as VR, analysis, design, and drafting (CAD), and products such as groupware and SaaS systems.
 >> Product Information :

Q1-10.Where is your development base?


We have our development groups at our Tokyo Head Quarters, Miyazaki Branch Office, Osaka Branch Office, and Kobe Lab (opened in April 2011), and they are developing contacting each other.

2.Product Information

Q2-1.What kind of catalogs do you provide?


Products Guide
We are providing booklets on summaries of all products, which are published 2 or 3 times a year and available on following URL.
 >>Products Guide :

■ Product leaflets
We are providing original leaflets for the page of each product information and the page of above Product Guides. You can download them as PDF files.

Catalogues according to the product series
We are providing catalogues according to the following product series and catalogues according to solutions.
You can download them from the PDF catalogue download list.
 >>PDF Catalogue Download List :

Now we are publishing a bulletin Quarterly. On this bulletin, we offer information such as user introduction, product information, seminar information and various topics for the users.
Even if there is not a transaction, we are accustomed to send it for five years after user's registration.
 >>Up&Coming :
 >>Up&Coming (Japanese PDF download) :

Q2-2.How can I get your catalogs?


You can request the printed catalogues at the following page.
 >> Sales Inquiry :

Q2-3.Where can I get schedules of the developments or the upgrades?


We are showing our schedules at the following URL (Japanese). Please ask details to our sales desk. We also accept software customization.
 >> New products / Upgrade :
 >> Product information on development :

Q2-4.How can I make sure the reliabilty of your products?


We are showing revision histories of Forum 8 product in the software supporting pages, so that customers can find Quick product solutions.
And we established a specialized post testing software and work on [tests by the guidelines] and [utilization of automatic testing tools], and have announced articles at symposiums on software testing.
In addition, we are selling the testing tool which our testing group developed on the website.
 >>U&C article: About tests for the softwares products :
 >>Details about testing tool TestFinder :
 >>Publication of a series of papers on testing :

3. Company profiles of FORUM8

Q3-1.What is the company visions of FORUM8?


At the establishment of our company, we selected our company missions as Sociality, Up & Coming, and Forum spirit.
As for development of our products, we will make [Development Room for Designers] that is to say, Aiming to increase creativity and richness in engineers' work.
We hope all engineers can work in good environment through our positive promotion of provision of high-grade analysis technology by softwares and reduction of labor with computers.

■ The meaning of FORUM8 logo design

  • The four white lines represent the main business of FORUM8: VR, Analysis, Design, and Web (GSS, customization, etc.)
  • The white line represents a steady growth intention.

Q3-2.What kinds of user use FORUM8 products


We show user's names at [User introduction] in [Up&Coming]. The main user of our company is a construction consultants, schools, researching organizations, construction companies, building offices, government offices, car-related companies, and so on.
 >> User Introduction :

Q3-3.Can I sell or distribute your products?


Please ask business information desk. After the conclusion of the contracts consisting of simple terms and conditions, you can distribute our products.
We now have general distributors consisting mainly of system dealers all over Japan, some of which doubles users.

Q3-4.How can I be a distributor of your products?


The Forum 8 dealers' network consists of 56 stores in the world (as of February 15, 2018) some of which are established as general agencies. Now we raise dealers all over the world. Please ask business information desks about concrete conditions.
 >>Overseas agencies :

Q3-5.How does FORUM8 organized?


We own a business office in Tokyo main office, Miyazaki branch office, and Osaka branch office and offices of Sapporo, Sendai, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Kobe as it is mentioned in a company profile. We are developing and selling products in FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. We also have an office in London.
Officers of our company consist of four people, including an inspector. Every group in our company is posted in each office. Administrators such as group managers, group leaders and team leaders are posted in each group, and we are using Manager and Deputy manager as a position system.
 >> Company Profile :

Q3-6.What types of people are suitable to work at FORUM8?


Specialties are attached importance, because the staffs such as a software development engineers, civil engineering and construction engineers, sales persons, and office workers are working in Forum 8. But we perform periodical adoption of new graduates and staffs can get skills in our office training. Anyhow, information literacy is demanded, and a person liking software or PC is welcomed. We are showing the details such as written examinations at the time of adoption. Please ask details.
 >> Recruit Information :

4.Questions about website

Q4-1.What kind of information is provided on the website of FORUM8?


We are providing [] for a main page and Mobile Website.
In addition, you can also use a general domain name, but please be careful because we do not use it in E-mail addresses.

Q4-2.Can I purchase the sofoware products at the website?


You can purchase almost all software products on our product purchasing site. Some of them are available at other sites, but our site has a variety of special discounts and bonus points.
 >> Product Purchase : or

Q4-3.Is the website secured?


We show our [Security policy] of our company at the following URL and intend to manage our sites for secure access.
 >>Security policy :

Q4-4.How is the personal information handled?


We show [Privacy policy] of our company at the following URL and intend to protect personal information.
 >>Privacy policy :




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