Utilization of VR (Virtual Reality) by data linkage
UC-win/Road for EXODUS Sample Movie (February 19th, 2008 issue)
 - EXODUS & UC-win/Road
 - UC-win/Road for EXODUS
UC-win/Road Evacuation Analysis Sample Model (September 14th, 2007 issue)
 - Takarazuka Karaoke Box fire model
 - Nihonzaka tunnel fire model
 - High rise building fire drill model

UC-win/Road Support System
Updated with new functions in UC-win/Road Ver.3.4 and discounts of up to 30% on standard quotations for the VR data service.

Traffic Simulation / Clearing house (Up & Coming 2007 summer issue)

UC-win/Road Web Viewer Ver.1.2 released
Compatible with data made with the latest version of UC-win/Road, "Ver.3.02.11 SP1"

UC-win/Road Drive Simulator Product information Rental fees

UC-win/Road Video Tutorial released
 The video tutorial is the operation guide for UC-win/Road recorded as a video

NETIS registration (New Technology Information System)