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Up&Coming No.94 - 2011 Late Fall Issue (November 1,2011)

New Products Introduction
UC-win/Road Ver.6
VR-Cloud(R) Ver.2.0
Supercomputer on cloud : Noise measurement simulation service (Option)
Engineer's Studio(R) Ver.1.07
xpswmm 2011
DesignBuilder Ver.3
Allplan 2012 Japanese version
Hospital VR System

Dealer Network News
kۈՍݐȋZLi (TST-Virtual Reality)

Support Topics
Engineer's Studio(R)

Event Report
TRB 6th International Symposium on Visualization in Transportation
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Up&Coming No.93 - 2011 Fall Issue (September 1,2011)

User Introduction
  [ Opening interview ] Ask Prof. Galea, the world authority of evacuation analysis !
[ Special feature of Europe users 1 ] BMIA
[ Special feature of Europe users 2 ] Robert Gordon University
[ Special feature of Europe users 3 ] Sunderland University
[ Special feature of Europe users 4 ] Omnitrans International BV

BIM&VR 3DVR Engineering News
  Discussion of image from model creation to how to make an presentation
Virtual Design World Cup, Workshop Vol.2 and 3

New Products Introduction
High-performance computing on cloud services : UC-win/Road CG movie service
High-performance computing on cloud services : Noise analysis/simulation supercomputing service
Multi-Cluster digital signage system with infrared depth sensor@

Dealer Network News
Western Regional Partner Network

W16 International VR symposium
The 4th International VR symposium-World16 Summer workshop

W16 Press
  World16 Summer Workshop tour report in Italy July 25-28, 2011

Event Report
Asian Construction IT Round-table Meeting
ITS China 2011
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Up&Coming No.92 - 2011 Midsummer Issue (July 1,2011)

User Introduction
  Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University Disaster Control Research Center (Tsunami Engineering) Professor Fumihiko Imamura
Designing Division, Koriyama Sokuryo Sekkei (survey design) Co., Ltd.
Techno Tohoku Corporation

New Products Introduction
UC-win/Road RoboCariRj Auto parking
UC-win/Road Train simulator proposal
Engineer's Studio(R) SDK Ver.1.06.02
Engineer's Studio(R) Ver.1.06.02/03
Abutment Design(English output version)
Foundation Design Calculation(English output version)

Event Seminar Preview
2011 Intelligent Transport Systems Conference in China (2011 ITSCC) Location Tianjin
9th Student Formula SAE Competition of JAPAN
1st Active Safety International Conference
Tokyo Game Show 2011
DS'11 KOBE Disaster Simulation & Structural Safety
UIA2011 Tokyo The 24th World Congress of Architecture
Japan Home Show 2011

Dealer Network News
DM E&C Co.,Ltd. / Pegasus Services International Corp.

Collaboration News
Foundation for Computational Science (FOCUS)

FORUM8 Design Festival 2011
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Up&Coming No.91 - 2011 Fresh Green Leaves Issue (May 1,2011)

Application Information

New Products Introduction
a3S(Anything as a Service)
Temporary sheathing work design Ver.8 / Temporary piled jetty design Ver.4 / Double wall cofferdam design
(English version based on Japanese specifications)

Supercomputer cloud service

BIM&VR 3DVR Engineering News
  3D Physical Model&VR System / Sample model of distributing reservoir

Dealer Network News
Kailai Dynasim Simulation Tech Co., Ltd

Event Report
First anniversary seminar of Korea office

FORUM8 Design Festival 2011
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Up&Coming No.90 - 2011 Early Spring Issue (March 1,2011)

User Introduction
  Crown Consultant Group Product Development Section, Crown Co., Ltd.

New Products Introduction
UC-win/Road Ver.5.2 Italian Version
UC-win/Road Ver.5.2 Replay Option
UC-win/Road SDK Ver.5.1
UC-win/Road Education Version
UC-win/Road Point Cloud Data modeling
UC-win/Road Noise Simulation Option
UC-win/Road Physical Model and VR System
Engineer's Studio(R) 2D Ver.2
Engineer's Studio(R) for Students

BIM&VR 3DVR Engineering News
  Student BIM&VR Design Contest / Case Study of 3D Drawing Service etc.

Support topics

Dealer Network News
SAH Corp / E&GIT CO.,Ltd.

Collaboration News
Sigma Engineering Solutions Inc.

Event Report
4th International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo
Japan Symposium on Software Testing 2011 Tokyo

Event Seminar Preview
ALGODE TOKYO 2011 / AAST International Workshop

W16 Press
  Overview of Summer Workshop 2011

FORUM8 Design Festival 2011
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Up&Coming No.89 - 2011 New Year Issue (January 1, 2011)

User Introduction
  Fukui National College of Technology

Overseas News on Civil Engineering IT
  International Road Federation(IRF)

BIM&VR 3DVR Engineering News
  3D Modeling Service/3D scan VR modeling service

New Products Introduction
UC-win/Road Ver.5.1
UC-win/Road for RoboCar(R) Ver.2 for AURELO (AURELO)
VR-Studio(R) Ver.1.03
VR-Studio(R) Ver.1.03 Sample models
Engineer's Studio(R) Ver.1.06.00
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Ver.5
Architectural and Structural Analysis Support Service

Event Report
FORUM8 Design Festival 2010-3Days
Road Expo Ireland
2nd Shanghai International Disaster
Reduction and Security Exhibition 2010 / The largest platform for governmental procurement
17th ITS World Congress, Busan 2010
Automotive Testing Expo - North America
Water Expo China 2010
CRTS CHINA - China International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition 2010

Dealer Network News
Mechanical Simulation(USA)
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