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UC-win Series Simulation
UC-win/Road Advanced
UC-win/Road Standard
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Ultimate US$19,200
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Driving Sim US$12,800
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Advanced US$9,700
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Standard US$6,300
  UC-win/Road Ver.13 Multi User Client Ver. US$1,180
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Presentation Version US$660
  UC-win/Road Ver.13 Cluster Client Ver. US$660
  UC-win/Road Ver.13 Free Viewer Version Free of charge
Plug-in Option
Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/10
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road for Civil 3D
UC-win/Road Web Viewer
UC-win/Road Web Viewer
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road Trial Version
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Associated products
JPN/ENG/FRN/CHN/KORRegistered trademark: 5445551

Experience on VR-Cloud®

VR-Cloud® is a consensus building solution which uses 3D and VR on a cloud server. As long as
you are connected to the Internet, you can take control of VR space even on a thin client.

VR-Cloud® Standard
Various kinds of simulation can now be experienced very smoothly by implementing
a unique transmission technology "a3S".
  • Operation mode (viewpoint, movement)
          Freemode (Free view point position by interactive)
          Various kinds of simulation (road running, Flypass flying and free walking)
          Executing a script (Automatic presentation), and scenario and replaying video
          Selection of vehicle model for driving simulation
          Manual driving using keyboard (patent obtained)
  • Setting for context (collective setting), traffic flow and preferences ON/OFF
  • Displaying homemenu (data summary, favorite, browsing history)
  • Multi client and operation by the acquisition of operation authority have been
  • Client of Android version can acquire the location information using GPS
  • xpswmm simulation (results of flood and tsunami analysis etc.)
  • VR-Cloud® SDK and VR-Cloud® script plug-in
VR-Cloud® Collaboration
Full VR cloud system which anables the hegh quality communication between clients.

3D bulletin board function
    - Creating landscape VR environment
    - Display icon and response from the other uses
Landscape Evaluation function
    - Creating landscape evaluation in VR space with marking and HTML output of a list
Annotation function
    - Comments in the disucussion is displayed as 3D icon on the location specified in VR space.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
▲Landscape evaluation ▲Annotation function

Photo function
    - Displaying icon in 3DVR environment, browsing, editing and deleting photos are possible.
    - Selection of camera position from GPS of AndroidTM terminal

Conference function
    - Shere of viewpoint-communication with text, video and sound
    - Access restriction using a pasword
Click to enlarge the image. Click to enlarge the image.
▲Photo function ▲Contents viewer

VR-Cloud® SDK
The following list indicates what can be achieved by using the scripting language (AngelScript) and a commercial text editor, importing the program into the system via the VR-Cloud® script plug-in. The script language is very similar in structure to C/C++.
  • Customizing the user interface of VR-Cloud(R) client such as adding new menu and buttons.
  • Developing many different GUIs each one specific for different content to be published on-line
  • Assigning various different kinds of commands such as those used to change the camera (viewpoint) position and the environment, as well as commands used to initiate driving
Click the image for a larger picture.

a3s(Anything as a Service) SDK
The a3S (Anything as a Service) Multimedia Cloud System allows you to create your own cloud applications. It is possible to provide various types of cloud service by taking advantage of the video/audio streaming technology and the large-capacity data transmission/reception technology that uses the high-speed data transmission system.

The Development of a cloud system using our cutting-edge architecture
a3S is FORUM8's in-house developed multimedia cloud technology that allows high quality video
and audio to be supported and streamed between the server and client application, as well as
the high-speed transmission of large-capacity data.
This SDK allows you to use the various functions that a3S has to offer to develop a cloud
computing application.
  • Supported Platforms:Windows (Android, Linux, iOS will be supported in the next version.)
  • Development Language:C/C++, DelphiTM

Supports both public cloud and private cloud
  • Cloud based data sharing systems and large-capacity data transmission services
  • Video hosting and video on-demand services
  • Chat features, bulletin boards, and message services
  • Cloud based gaming services
  • Developing a cloud version of the existing application

Core modules of a3S multimedia cloud system
a3S Protocol
: Connects the core parts controlling TCP protocols, the server and each and every client. It also controls commands, and manages the synchronization and authorization system.
a3S Multimedia : Encodes and decodes the videos via the latest video compression techniques, and enables audio streaming without occupying too much CPU.
a3S Data : Data management system which allows transmission of up to 4 GB of data at one time

Example of creating a system using a3S
VR-Cloud® was developed using a3S technology. This software has the ability to enable high-quality real-time images and sound, such as that of moving vehicles, to be sent from a server running the Interactive 3D VR Simulation software UC-win/Road, to client machines so that they can share and interact with the 3D VR environment. An individual client's key strokes, mouse events, and GPS coordinates, as well as images captured by a camera are sent to the server and they are reflected in UC-win/Road's 3D environment running on the server. The updated content can then be shared among many other clients.

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  UC-win/Road SDK (Development Kit)  
  API is provided to customize UC-win/Road.
The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes Library and API for developing a plug-in that can run on UC-win/Road as well as the sample program. The development language is DelphiXE2 (Earlier version than Ver.7 uses Delphi2010). Using API enables to freely develop the option at the same level as UC-win/Road basic plug-in.

Products configuration :
    Library folder : Various library files required to compile the plug-in are stored.
    Plugins folder : Source code of various sample programs is stored. Compiling and executing it would help you understand the features that are controllable in SDK.
    UIL folder : Framework required for creating UC-win/Road plug-in is stored.
    Help file : Available only in English.

API functions :  Editing, reading and writing data
    Terrain : GRID / Patch (TIN)
: White and read the aerial photo
    Road : Horizontal alignment, Longitudinal alignment, Obtaining shape of 3D model,
Cross section, Bridge space, Tunnel space, Section interpolation, Texture
    Intersection : Stop points, Texture, Assignment of traffic signals, Percentage of cars
Turning left, right, and going straight, Traffic control (traffic light etc.)
    Traffic : Traffic volume, Setting of vehicles' disappearance and generation,
Setting of traffic profile and vehicle group
    Model : Placing models

Development of various input and output plug-in :
Data linkage with the software developed by your own is feasible.
<Development Case>
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
Exodus plug-in xpswmm plug-in Display road map plug-in

Sample Program
Program to assign various conditions of the traffic flow. "Traffic Generator Set" is added to tool menu. Clicking this allows to add "Optional traffic volume point" on the center of each
road to allow you to assign basic traffic conditions. Traffic generation points on the edge of each road can also be assigned.
*Please contact FORUM8 if you require customization development
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

Browse and change static data that comprise the whole VR environment.
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
Terrain Model Road alignment

Control model/character in real-time
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
Control coordinates of a character Control one of movable parts

Control Driving Simulation

Control camera position in the main window
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

Logging function
Click the image for a larger picture.

Creative drawing via OpenGL control
Click the image for a larger picture.

Features on GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Click the image for a larger picture.
Addition of input/log display window Add a new control option
  UC-win/Road Free Viewer

This free viewer product allows you to move around the 3D environment as well as play and replay scripts. Data file exported from UC-win/Road Free Viewer Export Plug-in (US$750) can be imported and browsed.
  • RD data designed especially for the Free Viewer version can be browsed for free.
  • This is a basically a Presentation version with limited features. Data and scenarios cannot be created.
  • The software can be downloaded from the User Information Page (go to Download Service link after logging in). You can login to this page from the top page of the official FORUM8 website by entering in your Usercode and Password.
  UC-win/Road Presentation Version
Product delivery styles    Useful presentation version is available!

With UC-win/Road, there is a presentation version (52,500 yen). VR features available are similar to UC-win/Road. A variety of visual option functions allows you to do various simulations. With delivery in AVI file, a screen view is recorded through the AVI option feature (84,000 yen) and, if necessary, it can be mixed with voice or music using Premier (Adobe) and such. When directly printing out other captured images, it is recommended that you do so in a higher resolution.(Example of maximum resolution: 4096x1536 pixels when dual screens are used)

  UC-win/Road Educational Version    Education software for creating VR
    Target: Primary students, Junior high school student, High school students (under 18)
"3D virtual reality creation educational software" available for Primary students, Junior high school students, High school students, and students aged 18 or younger. Just as with the standard version of UC-win/Road, you can create a city and its infrastructure in 3-dimensional virtual reality (VR) on your computer, and drive in it ? and if you have a steering wheel, driving in manual is also possible. You can also download data made by other users and view them, making it a useful simulation software product for designing and building city models.  
Popular with youngsters!
UC-win/Road Driving Simulator

VR data server
Data browsing / web operation



Product Configuration 
  • UC-win/Road Advanced base.Web match-up mode
  • Data compatibility with UC-win/Road is not supported.
  • UC-win/Road DB is available during effective period of maintenance contract.
  • Web registration of UC-win/Road data (Stop motions x 2, descriptions). 
  • Data registered by users can be available
Additional Options
  • UC-win/Road Driving Simulator Plug-in
  • UC-win/Road Eco-Drive Plug-in
  • UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool
Separately Sold Hardware
  • Steering Wheel

A Driving Simulation Package that lets you feel the real driving sensation as you hold onto the wheel which is fairly easy to control.

VR-Drive provides an economical way to educate young people in the art of road safety by offering students the opportunity to drive in a 3D Virtual Environment and experience real life everyday driving scenarios.
ECO drive plug-in is installed on it and carbon footprint data in the form of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are calculated after each drive and the printed report shows how the driver has performed.

  • VR-Drive software, Logitec steering system for game, PC with graphic card are required.
  • VR-Drive consists of 3D environment and the driving scenario designed with traffic specialist.The customization of 3D environment can be flexibly performed, and the specific driving can be generated as you specify. (Estimation is required separately)
Interactive driving scenario
  • The driving scenario under bad conditions (pedestrian, bicycle driver, left-turn, right-turn, road with poor visibility) are predefined in VR-Drive.The young driver can experience the realistic road with the driving scenario.
Built-in of optional data
  • If you have data for VR-Drive, it can be embedded instead of standard data. In addition, by selecting scenarios to use and setting course information such as course title, course images, and description, users of UC-win/Road can create data supported by VR-Drive.
Eco drive report
  • The report of CO2 emission amount and the fuel consumption is created for each driving.The young driver can learn the preciousness of human life and the contribution for the environment.
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

  UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool
  The tool collection for DXF Data exchange, SIMA Data exchange, 3D model exchange, Horizontal alignment IP calculation, Tunnel cross section calculation in UC-win/Road
Road Data Viewer
  • Verification feature
    • A total number of pixels of texture
    • Unconnected road connecting point
    • Embedded models, overlapping arrangement, arrangement outside of range
  • Feature for creating Report / Road alignment basic input table
    • Creates reports and linear standard input lists with the OpenOffice.org or Excel templete. PDF export of the report including 3D capture data is also supported (Acrobat3D is required).
  • Create terrain patch data
    • Pastes raster images, generates altitude points, and creates terrain patch data. Contours in a blank map can be trased.
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

SIMA Data exchange tool
Supports SIMA common format Ver.3 (C04: Curve element attribute data). You can also export data to road cross section data file (*.rs).

Tunnel cross section calculation tool
A program that calculates tunnel’s cross sectional shape based on the standard established by the Japan Highway Public Corporation, and converts to UC-win/Road's road cross section file.

Civil engineering 3D model creation tool (Parametric)
This program allows the creation of a 3D model by entering the parameters for each structure, and exporting it as a 3D Studio file (*.3ds).

Click the image for a larger picture.
Tunnel section calculator

Civil engineering 3D model creation tool (Frame)
3D model creation assistance tool via generator. Models can be created using frames and section, same way models are created in UC-win/FRAME(3D).
Click the image for a larger picture.
Civil engineering 3D model
creation tool (parametric)
Civil engineering 3D model
creation tool (frame)

GeoMap3D Data exchange tool
3DS models can be converted to a format common to 3DS models of stratum data exported from Geomap3D. Ground surface can be converted to UC-win/Road terrain patch data.

Embankment edge 3D model creation tool
3D model creation tool that creates embankment edge using a cone that constitute one fourth of a regular embankment. The model of the embankment edge can be easily created by defining each dimensions whilst referencing the visual shape.

Horizontal alignment IP calculation tool
A program that calculates an IP point required when defining roads in UC-win/Road from a turning point on the horizontal alignment from horizontal calculation report.
Click the image for a larger picture.
Embankment edge 3D model
creation tool
3D model exchange tool
You can convert UC-win/Road’s 3D model terrain patch file to a 3DS file format.

DXF Data exchange tool
Converts DXF data including terrain data to UC-win/Road terrain data XML fomat.

VR Simulation data creation tool based on traffic census    (under development)
Traffic information from road traffic census (by CD version and Japan Society Traffic Engineerings ) can be assigned to UC-win/Road's traffic volume/profile.Traffic volume at different days and time of day can be assigned to each road can be assigned together with your choice of vehicles to be put on traffic. The development of a weighting feature is also planned.

Click the image for a larger picture.

VR-Studio     JPN/ENG/KRN/CHN(Simple/Traditional) available
    Registered trademark No. 5132945

Large scale data
  • This does not have a limit on the scale of data, you can create large scale data of over 100km. You can add terrain area. VR-Studio(TM) has 50m mesh DEM data. (use of survey data is approved by Geographical Survey Institute)
Multi reality
  • This function allows comparing of multiple plans. All of the models, or part of the models can be switched to another condition-reality. It allows examining multiple marking plans of intersections, comparing road alignments and comparing house developments and other plans.
Multiuser editing
  • VR-Studio allows the editing of one project by multi users. Users can share the data with the source management server, and manage store and synchronize. By using management server, complete editing history can be recorded and edited.
Traffic simulation function
  • Because you can export or import between the projects, you can reduce cost and time of data production.
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
Performing fly through from Tokyo->over the Mt. Fuji ->
to the center of Nagoya in stress-free
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  Books related to UC-win/Road

  Learning Bridge Engineering Through VR
The number of bridge longer than 2 m in Japan is 700 thousand for road bridge and 90 thousand for railroad bridge, most of them were built in the high economic growth period. Those bridges require maintenance because many of them are getting older. It is expected that people who read this book become a fan of bridge as that of railroads, and more people come to know how to take care of bridges.
Author : President of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association (Paroway Tec)
Date of publication : November 2017
Price : 3,800 yen (tax exclusive)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing


  "VR Impact" Amazing world of virtual reality that you must know (Japanese)
The first year of VR started in 2016, and VR technologies are being applied to a lot of businesses. This book introduces the history of Forum8 having worked on the most advanced technology since it released the 3D virtual reality software UC-win/Road in 2000. A variety of VR case examples of user companies such as TOYOTA, Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction, Denso IT Laboratory, and PIONEER are explained. The author writes his try and future prospect to support Japanese industry by VR and to continue creating new technologies as a software company.
Author : Yuji Ito (President & CEO, Forum8)
Date of publication : May 25, 2017
Price : 1,500 yen (tax exclusive)
Publisher : Diamond Business Planning (Saller: DIAMOND, Inc.)


  Learning Road & Pavement Construction Engineering Through VR (Japanese)
Japan has pavements that is about 6 thousands km long and 60 trillion yen as total assets. This technical book is a collaboration of digital and analog for whom wants to understand, think, and evaluate this pavement, and make it as a new business.
Author : Tatsuoki Inagaki
President of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association (Paroway Tec)
Date of publication : November 2016
Price : 3,800 yen (tax exclusive)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group


  BIM & CIM world expanded by FORUM8 (Japanese)
"What we can do by CIM" will increase by a variety of solutions of FORUM8 such as CIM tool including UC-win/Road, UC-1 series and systems linked with VR and hardware! In addition to for efficiency and cost reduction, this CIM practice book is for advanced and wide business development more than figure and CG creation.
Editor : Ryuta Ieiri
Author : FORUM8 
Date of publication : November 2016
Price : 2,500 yen (tax exclusive)
Publisher : Kensetsutsusin Shimbun Corporation
Seller : FORUM8 Publishing Group


  Learning Road Engineering through VR (Japanese)
This book with a whole new concept explains state of the art information like ICT and CIM in addition to basic contents about road engineering, written by Mr. Inagaki renowned for easy explanation to understand in his existing books.
Author : Tatsuoki Inagaki
President of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association (Paroway Tec)
Date of publication : November 19, 2015
Price : 3,800 yen (tax exclusive)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group


Environmental Assessment & VR Cloud
-Novel development of environmental communication- (Japanese)
Explanations and study cases about environmental assessment method and its development by using 3D VR and the cloud in the purpose of considering better ways of business that matches the characteristics of the area and making good communications between business operators and residents.
Author : Hiroo Kasagi
CEO of NPO Workshop for Sustainable Community
Executive board member of Japan Society for Impact Assessment
Date of publication : November 19, 2015
Price : 2,800 yen (tax exclusive)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group


  Introduction to Earthquake Disaster Mitigation (Japanese)
This is a textbook/manual for entry level scholars and engineers to learn the fundamental technologies of tsunami engineering, seismic engineering, and urban disaster.
Editor : Hiromichi Yoshikawa (Prof. of Tokyo City University)
Author : Harumi Yashiro, Seiichiro Fukushima, Hideto Omine, Makoto Hada
Date of publication : April 15, 2013  
Pric : \3,000(tax exclusive)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group
Reader's Site


  Introduction to Android Programming
- The basics of Smartphone application development on Linux and 3D VR Application programming - (Japanese)
This is an introductory book for learning the basics of Android Application development and the method of developing and programming Android Application for VR-Cloud® client using abundant sample data.

Author : FORUM8
Published date : November 30th 2012
Price : \1,500(Before tax)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group
Special supplements DVD
E-book version (PDF)
/ Sample program included


  Introduction to LibreOffice for Engineers (Japanese) 
This is a book from which engineers can learn the basic information related to Office software by reading, in order to gain their IT literacy.

Author : FORUM8
Published date : September 1st 2012
Price : \1,500(Before tax)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group

Special supplements DVD
E-book version(PDF)
/Collection of LibreOffice templates
Sample data used in this book
/ Collection of convenient freeware

amazon.co.jp 詳細ページへへ

  The introductory guide of the advanced graphic language
 -Open GL Ver.4 & CUDA- (Japanese)
Introductory book for civil construction engineers to learn the graphics programming using OpenGL

This book is for the civil construction engineers with the experience of programming to learn the graphics programming and parallel programming. It explains the OpenGL programming using SDK(System Development Kit) of VR(UC-win/Road) and the advanced parallel graphic language including CUDA. This book consists of simple structure with the contents of programming, many flow charts. In addition, the many reference images are introduced in case studies.
Author : Kensuke Yasuhuku, Assistant Professor of Cyber media center in Osaka University / Hiromu Ito/ Kenpou Okuma/ Tadato Ishikawa/ Pencreach Yoann
(FORUM8-VR development group)
Published date : November 16th 2011 on sale
Price : \3,480(Before tax)
Publisher : FORUM8 Publishing Group

amazon.co.jp 詳細ページへ

Sapecial supplements DVD
E-book version/UC-win/Road Ver.6 trial version / Open GL Sample Program / UC-win/Road SDK Sample Program / CUDA Sample Program

  Programming for civil engineer (Japanese)
Utilization of SDK in VR structure analysis learning with Delphi

This is the introductory book for less-experienced civil engineers to learn programming with SDK(System Development Kit). The simulation using VR software, UC-win/Road has been marked in the laboratory of university or research institute. We will propose the utilization of solver for structural analysis.

This book includes the trial version where the sample data can be available. It consists of a variety of diagram
and images such as the contents of programming and flow chart to be simple to understand.

amazon.co.jp 詳細ページへ
Published date : November 19th 2010 release
Price : \2,940(Before tax)
Publisher : Nikkei BP Inc.
DVD-ROM included
Delphi2010 trial version
/ FRAME(2D) SDK sample program
Multiframe automation sample program

"Construction engineering software series: VR case studies for construction project"(Chinese)
 "Educational material of UC-win/Road by Shenzhen Tsinghua Sware Software"
"Construction engineering software series : VR case studies for construction project" was issued in July 2010 by FORUM8's dealer in China, Shenzhen Tsinghua Sware Software.
In this book, it shows how to create the VR simulation project with UC-win/Road using the actual VR project and advanced use of UC-win/Road.

  Created by VR group of Sware

  Manual for utilization of UC-win/Road (Chinese)
Introductory book in Chinese version, learning 3D space creation with VR and VR simulation techniques 

It is decided that "Manual for utilization of UC-win/Road" Chinese version will be issued by China Architectural Construction Publishing.
The operation of 3D virtual reality software, UC-win/Road and the data creation method are explained in detail. A variety of case studies in each area are introduced, this book will be effective for the beginners who learn 3D landscape creation and VR simulation techniques. It will be useful for not only the beginners but also the professionals who want to brush up their data creation level.
CD-ROM included Ver.3.4 Trial version
Published date : 2010
Price : RNB 88 CNY
Publisher : China Architectural Construction Publishing
Editorial supervisor : Prof. Ma Zhiliang, Tsinghua University, Dept. of Engineering
Original authors :
    Editorial supervisor : Shigenori Tanaka
    Editorial adviser : Yuji Ito, Chikako Takei
    Author : Kantaro Monobe, Hiroya Yoshida,
Satoshi Ishida, Masayoshi Taniguchi, Yuki Torigata

  VR Presentation Technique (Japanese)
This book became the latest unique VR technical specialty journal which described VR case example, VR modeling and presentation.
Opening Interview: Special contributed article by Mr. Tadao Ando
"Case example of VR presentation"

amazon.co.jp 詳細ページへ
Published date : November 19, 2008  
Price : \3,990(Before tax)
Publisher X-Knowledge Co., Ltd
CD-ROM included :
Ver.3.4 Trial version

  UC-win/Road Introduction (Japanese)
This is a simple introduction book which comment on from the summary of UC-win/Road to how to create data and how to run a simulation.
  CD-ROM included : UC-win/Road Ver.3.2 Trial version
Publisher : Kenstu Shinbunsya publication
Price : \3,980 (Before tax)
Editor : Kansai University Faculty of Informatics Prof Tanaka Shigenori

amazon.co.jp 詳細ページへへ

  UC-win/Road Video Tutorial (Japanese)
Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean
Price: \30,000(Before tax)

This is a video about UC-win/Road guidance. It gives us visual lectures with sounds how to create data and use other methods.

  UC-win/Road 3D Stereo View    Price: separately estimated
Supported by the UC-win/Road Ver.4 or newer version

Social demanding of 3D Stereo View is increasing against the background of the technical infrastructure of hardware.
UC-win/Road 3D Stereo View allows you to output the VR data by the UC-win/Road into the data in 3D stereo view data format.
It will be used for researches, developments and amusement, as well as VR creation, driving simulation through the 3D stereo view.
Support both methods: Polarizing Projection (Passive)
using binocular parallax and Active.

  Example of 3D Stereo View System Configuration

  Example of Polarizing Projection (Passive Method)
  1. Set two projectors to overlay displays.
  2. Project through the polarizing filter.
  3. Set the distance between two eyes or the focal distance through the UC-win/Road Stereo Option
  4. Project on the silver screen and wear the polarizing glass, and you will be able to see the 3D stereo image.
Click the image for a larger picture.

Hardware Requirements
  • Polarizing Projection (Passive Method)
    -Silver Screen Projector (two units) / Projector rack / polarizing filters for projector (two pieces)
    -Polarizing filter Glass / 3D Video Card: Two output terminal (Two Video Card Configuration is recommended.)
  • Active Stereo Projection
    -Standard White Screen Stereo Projector (one unit) / synchronized emitter
    -Active Glass nVIDIA Quadro

  3D Display Plug-in

  True3Di  19 inch monitor  SDM-190M      Redrover Japan Co.,Ltd.
      It provides 3D work environment as well as many 3D applications.
Aspect ratio SXGA
Resolution 1280x1024
Active Display area(mm,typ) 376.32(H)*301.056(V)
Color number 16.7M
Response Time(ms) 5
Dimensions(WxHxD)mm 452x467x418
Input Signal(2ports) AnalogRGB,DVI
Weight(Kg,lbs) 30Kg,66.1lbs

Exhibited at FORUM8 Tokyo head office
Click the image for a larger picture.
Same contents (UC-win/Road)
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UC-win/Road DB

VR Model Internet Database
Use the Internet with this database of 3D models, textures and section data.
Direct downloading from the product is available.
* Free of Charge with maintenance and support products
Passenger vehicle having headlight, businessman model, tree textures have been added.

Number of registrations (2012.01.06):
*3D models: 3378 ; textures: 3824 ; section : 67 ; sample data : 55

UC-win/Road DB Download Ranking (January-June 2009) (posted on 02 July, 2009)
PDF 3D Model Data for UC-win/Road Users (2011.05.24) (66 page PDF, 27 414KB)

●VR model DB
3D 2D Trees 3D tree leaves / bark / flowers
2D tree tall evergreen trees / evergreen trees / evergreen shrubs / tall deciduous trees / deciduous trees / deciduous shrubs / tall flowering trees / flowering trees / flowering shrubs / house plants
MD3 character
human models
characters / animals / humans
Vehicles /
Equipment /
Running models
Road vehicles passenger cars / trucks / trailers / cabs / buses and taxis / bicycles / motorcycles / special vehicles
3D cockpit
Railway vehicle high speed trains / ordinary trains / monorails
Airports / harbors / river facilities port facilities / harbor signal equipment / rivers / flood control facilities
Aviation / marine vessel, construction heavy duty equipment, temporary equipment
Building /
Facility /
Structure model
Building / House /
Store / Steel tower
office building (super high-rise) / (med to low-rise) / building (low-rise) / condominium apartment / general home / store / market / industrial facility/public facility / transmission tower
Railroad / road structure bridge superstructure / bridge substructure / road structure / gate pier / pedestrian bridge / traffic sign pole / marking
Railroad / road facility bridge superstructure / sign / alarm equipment / station / street light / others / road regulatory equipment / road accident
Park facility playground equipment / building / others
Others sign / traffic control / disaster / others
*Road / Traffic /
Traffic sign texture
Paved road / railroad surface pavement surface / railroad surface / others
Banking / cutting planting / concrete block / concrete blasting / others
guardrail / curb / footpath
Bridge truss / beam bridge
Tunnel, intersection
Traffic sign indication sign / regulatory sign / guide sign / warning sign / auxiliary sign / railroad sign / Signs abroad (Korean / Chinese / U.S.A. / New Zealand / French / Malaysian / U.K. / Thai / Netherlands / Ireland / Vietnam / Germany / India / Singapore / Spain / Colombia / Brazil / Finland / Australia / Turkey / Lebanon / Poland / Portugal / Sweden / Switzerland / Iceland / Italy / Austria / Philippines / Taiwan)
Marking indication marking / Regulatory marking / others / Korean road marking / Chinese road marking
Background super high-rise building group / mid to low building group/ low-rise building group/ forest / fence / others
Building, river, cockpit, sky, flag, terrain, water surface, fire and smoke, others


By using abundant standard models, data generation can be effectively performed, allowing use of the model editing tool and action settings of the models through easy operations. The UC-1 design series can be loaded and the structure models designed using UC-win and import textured 3DS-format models generated with other 3-D tools.
It exports from other UC-1 Series, UC-win series, and external 3D tools.

3D Tree

3-D tree data exclusively prepared for UC-win/Road. Diverse features such as leaves and branches swaying in the wind, growth simulation, and such are available.

MD3 Character

PDF About MD3 Characters (making way from motion captures) (03/03/2009)
(16pages/PDF/ 813KB/Japanese version only)

Sample Movie

 3D Tree

Click the image for a larger picture.


Textures such as a cross section form, a road surface, a pavement are available as it is.
Click the image for a larger picture.


Excellent default textures of slopes, excavations, road surfaces, pavements, walls and such are available. Sky and landforms can be mapped in default, and many special textures such as trees and signs can be arranged with their dedicated commands. The cockpit while cruising can be used as a texture.
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UC-win/Road VR data download (supports for world heritage)
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 Construction methods
It supports textures for construction methods.(Data provided by HIROSE&Co., Ltd)
*HIROSE&Co., Ltd has the copyrights of texture (photo image)

It supports model/texture for road hazard simulation. (Data provided by Road Management Technology Center)

*This database is provided having permission from Road Management Technology Center.

Air photograph (Digital orthophotos)
  • Air photograph (Digital orthophotos) now on sale! Reading in UC-win/Road is available
  • Click the image for a larger picture.

  • It's the product of Nakanihon Air Service CO., LTD. (http://www.nnk.co.jp/research/product/data/aerophoto.html) which covered whole of country.
    It's now on sale by 4,000 yen (incl. 4,200 yen) / Km2(Simple Oltu)

3D building model for UC-win/Road
  • 3D building model service for UC-win/Road
    3D building geometric model which can be used by UC-win/Road is sold.
    Highly precise three-dimensional data based on an airborne laser counting system

  • ""Terrain Model""+""Solid Model"" data which make 6km2・9km2 1 lot.
  • XML(UC-win/Road topographic format)/offer by DXF form
  • Service area: Main area of Kanto, Tyubu, Kansai and a city designated by ordinance(About 10,000km2)
    3D building data/topographic data original data price: 100,000 yen / km2
    Fabrication for UC-win/Road 3D building data 150,000 yen / km2
    (Reduction of polygon, layers separated(For texture), elimination of feature such as unnecessary trees.)
    Sales unit: *1 mesh: About 1km2 9km2(3rd mesh)、 6km2(3rd mesh)
UC-win/Road read screen UC-win/Road 3DVR expressed image
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