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UC-win Series Simulation
UC-win/Road Advanced
UC-win/Road Standard
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Ultimate US$19,200
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Driving Sim US$12,800
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Advanced US$9,700
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Standard US$6,300
  UC-win/Road Ver.13 Multi User Client Ver. US$1,180
UC-win/Road Ver.13 Presentation Version US$660
  UC-win/Road Ver.13 Cluster Client Ver. US$660
  UC-win/Road Ver.13 Free Viewer Version Free of charge
Plug-in Option
Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/10
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road for Civil 3D
UC-win/Road Web Viewer
UC-win/Road Web Viewer
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road Trial Version
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UC-win/Road Support System

    VR/CG data generation and technical support service using UC-win/Road
Service Overview
  • Supporting advanced, complicated, and cumbersome processing!
    The service undertakes data generation tasks concerning UC-win/Road such as the generation of 3D VR simulation data, 3D models, and textures, fully empowering simulation tasks of road businesses, urban development planning, public projects, private developments, and so forth, using cost-affordable, high-quality data. The dynamic 3D CG simulation is a powerful presentation tool. This is why there have been so many achievements, awards and public recognition received since the service commenced in October 2001.
VR Modeling

Supporting line-shape/cross-section definition, diverse configuration settings, AVI output
  • Data generation of UC-win/Road and VR/CG caters to all needs and is based on a range of simulation examples. Materials such as general diagrams and line-shape calculation sheets, inputs, editing of landforms, definition of line-shapes/cross-sections, appropriate arrangement configuration and the output processing of 3-D models and textures.
3D Model/Texture

Existing and new creations of standard 3D model / textures are supported
  • A new creation of a 3D model and the texture installed as a default is supported as well as custom edits. Our staff will support you to help create the 3D model, texture, and the Road data creation for real-time VR presentation by UC-win/Road.
Fully supporting data generation. Users take the leading role in their presentations.

UC-win/Road package presentation version
  • This visual tool allows engineers to control and give explanations by themselves. Presenters can explain and make changes using real-time VR and display options which offer a variety of visual representations. These features are also available in the presentation version, allowing redistribution of the program to clients.
The Generation of plane
Interchange VR simulation of City
Web Estimate Service :3D VR Simulation data creation and estimation are available on web.
UC-win/Road Web Viewer :Digital city sample models created by FORUM 8 staff can be checked.
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Traffic Analysis VR Service

    Traffic analysis service by a traffic simulator and VR model creation service
Traffic Analysis VR Service is a service that utilizes traffic analysis tool such as traffic simulation model for its analysis and creates VR model fit for the traffic simulation model in UC-win/Road.

By integrating traffic simulation with the whole 3D visual interactive simulation within 3D virtual environment, various applications of the software that was somewhat challenging become feasible. This service will guide you through the entire process of traffic analysis and simulation.

Traffic Simulator
Traffic simulators that are used for the analysis are the 3 listed below. Aimsun creates VR model fit for the simulator, imports traffic behavior as calculation result and reproduces the traffic in VR space.

Model name Classification VR creation
OSCADY PRO Intersection Analysis Tool An intersection is only applied.
TRANSYT Fluid Model *1
Aimsun Micro Simulation Model Applied

*1 Data linkage from TRANSYT to OSCADY PRO is possible. * We registers on the construction consultant.

Setting for Micro Simulation Player Representation of traffic condition
on UC-win/Road
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VR City Modeling System

    Interactive city modeling, a popularized city modeling method that incorporates VR
Facilitator : Hiroo Kasagi (Representative of NPO Chiikizukuri Kobo and Japan Society for Impact Assessment)

We will propose VR City Modeling System as part of the consulting service within the municipality solution.

Case study : Modeling a safe and secure city
In this case study, the vicinity of Nakameguro station where office buildings, shopping streets, and residential area coexist are visualized to evaluate its safety. In the first stage of the project, town watching was conducted and based on the observations, a map of the area was created. In stage two, we have visualized the map including its information on 3D VR space and held a workshop for residents and those affected by the safety issue of the town to explain the usage. For example, a junction that is considered dangerous can have its safety evaluated by reproducing actual traffic volume on VR space and running traffic simulation. Moreover, places that give residents the creeps at night can have their safety evaluated by changing the time of their virtual counterpart from day to night.
Furthermore, by incorporating administrative information such as a hazard map to the VR city model, even potential risks that you usually are not aware of such as the risk of flood due to severe rainfall can be visualized for risk assessment in order to make residents understand the risks and come up with measures.
By doing analog work (workshop) on digital processing (VR), we were able to design the whole process of obtaining stakeholder consensus in a very intuitive and effective way. In this case study, facilitator who specializes in this kind of workshop and FORUM8, a softwarehouse that specializes in 3D VR technology, teamed up to manage and run this really effective process of city modeling and consensus building
Verification of a plan and consensus
formation using VR-Cloud®
Check the safety in Nakameguro

  Example program of modeling a safe and secure city
  - Host Government or modeling conference, public association such as NPO
  - Participants About 20 people of citizen and operator establishing new business facilities
  - Area within 200m radius of community association and shopping avenue

*The amount of VR modeling work and the number of facilitators required may vary according to the number of people involved in the discussion and the area in question.

Schedule Content Facilitator VR engineers
Meeting Setting of participants, Understanding the task before hand, Confirming a program, Discuss how to make use of the output 1 1
Preliminary work Preview the spot, Collect related information, Arrange required equipment and supplies etc. 1 1
Create the basic VR data 0 10
The first WS Town watching, Create a map, Exchange the observation outcome, Discuss the task 1 1
Add-up Make a report of WS, Consider how to visualize, Consider how to carry out the second WS 1 1
Visualization 0 2
Preliminary work Confirm visualization, Confirm how to carry out WS, Arrange required equipment and supplies etc. 1 1
The second WS Exchange simulated experience and feedback using VR, Consider the application of the observation outcome 1 1
Add-up Make a report of WS, Examine the method of visualization, Share the image of observation outcome, Suggest the utilization method 1 1
Visualization 0 2
Application Presentation. Publication on Web (if required) (1) (1)
Total 7 men a day 21 men a day

VR data by UC-win/Road ("Nakameguro Safety Map")
Feature of Nakameguro
seen from Bird's-eye-view
Danger of the traffic
under the railing
Risk of flood
in the basement shops
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Fare-paying seminar, Expert training seminar
  Fare-paying seminar
UC-win/Road VR Seminar
  • UC-win/Road VR seminar is for the user who utilize the latest 3D virtual reality in their actual works. They can learn the useful information and the operations. It also can be useful for users who has the intention to make the VR application in real in future.
  "FORUM8 VR Engineering authorization examination" is running!
  "VR engineering authorization examination" has been carried out since December 11, 2008.
Souvenir for certified
 <Certified card >
For Japanese :
Ticket for the Fare-paying Seminar (valid for one year)
FORUM8 UC-win/Road book coupon -1000 Yen
For foreigners :
Special mouse, mouse pad set

UC-win/Road Expert
Training Seminar
Charge: Free
Expert training seminar for agencies and consultants
This seminar is for agencies which sell UC-win/Road and consultants who suggest VR business using UC-win/Road. The knowledge, techniques required to sell UC-win/Road for the prospective customer are provided. It covers the contents sales and technical issues from approaching, consulting, installing to follow -ups with practice.
The certificate is provided for all
who passes the authorization examination.
▲UC-win/Road VR Engineer Career Path

 Experience Seminar Charge : Free
UC-win/Road DS Experience Seminar
Traffic Analysis / VR Simulation Experience Seminar
EXODUS/SMARTFIRE Experience Seminar
VR City modeling system experience seminar
High-performance computing on cloud services® Experience Seminar
OHPASS Experience Senimar
Lecture seminar presented by State of the Technologies in Expression Association
3D printing & VR seminar
AR S3D & VR seminar
3D projection mapping & VR seminar
"FORUM8 Web Seminar"!
Cloud seminar at the office and home!

We provide "Web seminar" that seminar audience inside Japan can take our lesson via Internet. We have "Web seminar live" which is the viewing only seminar at a low price, and "Web seminar interactive" which audience can communicate with seminar lecturers.

 FORUM8 Web seminar lineup
■Web seminar interactive    
Paid seminar: 18,000 yen

Seminar audience can ask questions to lecturer in addition to viewing the seminar.
■Web seminar live 
Paid seminar: 9,000 yen

Viewing only seminar at a low price
We look forward to your application!
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Serial article on Up&Coming
イエイリ・ラボ・体験レポート Ieiri laboratory experience report

"Construction IT journalist"
- seeking the growth strategy of construction industry using IT
Ryuta Ieiri
Architectural IT journalist Ryuta Ieiri participates FORUM8 seminars and reports it.
Introduction of new products and UC-1 technical seminars: Product overview and features, case studies, comments and proposals from Ieiri, and future developments

He is an architectural IT journalist transmitting information on his blog to solve the business challenges that the construction industry has including the productivity growth, global environmental protection and internationalization etc. by introducing BIM, 3DCAD and informatization construction etc.
Official blog: http://ieiri-lab.jp/
Details >> Up&Coming Ieiri lab experience report (in Japanese)
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3DVR Engineering Service

We will provide 3D engineering service for VR modeling and BIM. :"3D Scanning and Modeling Service", "3D Physical Modeling Service", "3D Drawing Service"

BIM Compliant 3D Drawing Option / Report and Drawing Total Service

By using integrated BIM solution of Allplan series, 3D drawings and 2D drawings are generated.

By using BIM integration solution of Allplan series, 3D drawing and 2D drawing are created. It offers the data having the standard setting such as condition of reinforcing bar differed by the colors with Allplan viewer. You can utilize it for various study, use for 2D drawing, development to the software having BIM function (IFC data conversion). However in case of 2D drawing in Allplan, since it currently does not support SXF exchange, SXF convertible software such as our product UC-Draw is used. The end result is based on the data submission and can offer it as Allplan 3D data (supports IFC) output. It is intended for construction and civil engineering structure.
2D drawing sample generated from 3D drawing of rigid frame pier.
(Screen of Allplan-Engineering)

Sample model 1:
3D sample model of damaged and repaired status intended for current structure objects.
The damaged points of structures and 3D model image after repair are introduced. As of exposed points of rebar, it is possible to express by modeling and arrangement of rebar one by one separately. Reinforcement of arrangement and duplication can be reproduced based on the existing drawings.
It is possible not only to express the color of building frame, rebar, and aggregate by being close to the actual color, but to show exaggerated colors on 3D model. Moreover, in case the structure exists underwater,
by creating the model and changing the transmission rate, the expression of transparent water is possible. By this application, it is possible to express the underwater model as well.

Detail  BIM&VR 3D VR Engineering News Vol.4
Sample model 2:
Distributing reservoir sample model
We are introducing the sample cases performing the modeling of distributing reservoir used Allplan Engineering which has the strong rebar arrangement tool for RC structure. Advantage for BIM model of 3D Modeling of this sample was performed after analyzing the handwritten old drawing. Once the drawing was converted from 2D to 3D, everyone would be able to understand a complicated bar arrangement situation intuitively by displaying walk through animation and VR like this sample.
Practical use of BIM in the management and the future repair phase such as reinforcement of concrete and rebar degraded in aging, and reinforcement based on visualized rebar arrangement by creating 3 D model having attribute., For example, it is also possible to express a damage condition based on an investigation report. Moreover, structural analysis is conducted by the model created through another modeling processes as well.

Detail  BIM&VR 3D VR Engineering News Vol.5

3D Physical Modeling Service

It's the service which outputs various 3D models, the real "model" by 3D printer, output by UC-1 series, Allplan, and of course UC-win/Road, UC-win/FRAME(3D) and so on.
Top- of- the- line Zprinter650 of Z corporation is used, and it outputs 3d model of full- color by ink-jet. Design range is Horizontal 254mm x Height 381mm x Depth 203mm in industry's largest class. Dividing and outputting the model at the appropriate position make it possible to create even if the model is larger than this design range. The design time is several minutes for small model and a few hours to ten hours for big models. Zprinter650 can read a lot of 3D data such as the file of STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, ZPR.

Taishi JCT 3D model
(Taishi junction model is created by Metropolitan Expressway and is the past VR contest winner)
The 5th 3D VR Simulation Contest review
Media art center
(BuildLive Tokyo2010)
Actual size of 3 dimensional Laboratory for vibration destruction (E-defense) Buzenda Hosoe area Shopping street (The photo taken by Fukudablog Nov 8, 2010 article "Buzenda Hosoe Yumezukuri conference : VR+3D printer model")

3D Laser Scanning and Modeling Service

By using this service, the display and edit of over 50million points data in real time will be possible. Forum 8 offers point cloud measure by 3D laser scanner, modeling and VR modeling by supply point cloud data(UC-win/Road support service). It is possible to support measuring data prepared by users and measuring data from supplier as well.

Point cloud data imported into UC-win/Road (Nihonbashi, downtown Tokyo)
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
Simulation for a landscaping plan using point cloud data
(Kyushu-orient Servey&Design Co., Ltd.
11th 3D VR simulation contest Excellence Award)
Proposal of underground installation of
Hanshin Expressway and improved city using VR
( Kansai University Faculty of Informatics
9th 3DVR simulation contest Grand Prix)
Scenery review by measuring data
Shibuya intersection

VR modeling service for finished work management scanned in 3D
Finished work management service by comparing 3D scanning and 3DVR modeling
This is used to compare 3D scanning and 3DVR modeling and create reports of various finished work. Firstly the basic design data and measured data (FORUM8's point cloud measurement system is also used, if required.) is provided from customers and create reports of finished work based on them, which are delivered.

Detail Up&Coming BIM&VR 3D-VR Engineering News

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High-performance computing on cloud services

   Service of large-scaled analysis, simulation, CG rendering with the advanced calculation feature of high performance computing
FORUM8 will launch the service using HPC (High-Performance Computing). "High-performance computing on cloud services laboratory" was established, and we will provide the new solutions including large scale of analysis and simulation, CG rendering by using the front line of current processing capacity of high-performance computing.

■ Overview of the High-performance computing on cloud services /
Introduction of Kobe laboratory

FORUM8 has established "High-performance computing on cloud services -Kobe laboratory" in the "Advanced computational science support laboratory, Foundation for Computational Science(FOCUS)" constructed near the next generation super computer "K". We will provide the service using supercomputer which supports for more than 22 Tera-FLOPS (22 trillion calculations per second). The research overview is scheduled to be the development and operational support of software service which will effectively use the supercomputer environment and large storage environment.

FORUM8 Super computer cloud Kobe Laboratory
Location: 2F Computing Research Center Laboratory 1, 7-1-28 Minatojimaminami-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo 650-0047
TEL: 078-304-4885  FAX: 078-304-4884  E-Mail: f8kobe@forum8.co.jp

■ Services utilizing the super computer

Ultra Micro Data Center

  Small, GPU-ready multipurpose server VR-Cloud® for any application from computational science to cloud gaming.
The Ultra Micro Data Center® project aims at solving those issues by proposing a new form factor for servers, which is much smaller and can fit any high GPU card easily at an affordable cost.

Special Site (posted on 2012/10/04)

Small size
- 430(w)x64(h)x330(d), 9L
- one-quarter of general 19 inch server
- Quiet fan and temperature sensor are used.
- comfortable in an office and house
- Energy-saving tip and solid state disk are used.
- Comsumed power 500W (High-performance)
(Approximately half of general 19 inch)

CPU performance
Intel 3rd generation Core processors, Xeon E3/E5
AMD phenom II X6 processors
Up to 64GB of memory

GPU performance
nVidia GeForce GTX Series 6xx, Tesla/Quadro/CUDA
AMD Radeon HD Series 7xxx, FirePro

Up to 16 2.5 inch disks Maximum storage size: 32TB
Maximum transfer speed up to 8Gb/s (read)
Hardware RAID (levels 0, 1, 5, 6 and spans 10, 50, 60)

Video capture, encoding, processing and streaming
Use of any high end CPU (see CPU performance version)
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3DVR Simulation Contest

This contest has been held since 2002 where FORUM 8 received the award of Software Product of the Year. The followings are the report which shows the awarded works in the past eight contests from our company magazine, Up&Coming.
The 16th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud 
November 15, 2017  Video Gallery / Overview / Report


"Education training of Haneda Airport by VR simulator"

Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture
 The 15th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud  
November 16, 2016 Video Gallery / Overview / Report


"Mizuki Shigeru Road in Sakaiminato City"

Sakaiminato City

The 14th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud   
November 19, 2015 Video Gallery / Overview


"Kitsuki City jokamachi (castle town) future proposals"

Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture
 The 13th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud   
November 20, 2014 Video Gallery / Overview


"Cooperative ITS Driving Simulation"

TOYOTA Motor Corporation.
  The 12th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud   
September 18, 2013 Video Gallery / Overview


"VR simulation for Traffic Regulation to Divert Traffic During Night Construction"

Iwasaki Co., LTD.
 The 11th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud   
September 19, 2012 Video Gallery / Overview


"Project for sharing system of compact EV vehicle using VR simulation"

TOYOTA Motor Corporation.

The 10th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud   
November 15, 2011 Video Gallery / Overview


"System for checking the position where equipments are installed"

Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
The 9th 3D VR Simulation Contest   Video Gallery
November 19, 2010


"Proposal of underground installation of Hanshin expressway and improved city using VR"

Faculty of Policy Studies, Kansai University
The 8th 3D VR Simulation Contest   Video Gallery
November 20, 2009


"VR Data for Ohashi Junction of Metropolitan Expressway"

Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited
The 7th 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road  
Video Gallery
November 20, 2008


"Simulated driving diagnosis system using CG simulation"

National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid
The 6th 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
Video Gallery
November 27, 2007


"Ishikawa-cho Junction Simulation"

Kanagawa Construction Bureau, Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited
The 5th 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
Video Gallery
November 27, 2006


"Simulation carried out at the Daishi junction and ventilation place"

Kanagawa Construction Bureau, Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited
The 4th 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
Video Gallery
November 22, 2005


"Matsuyama belt highway"

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Shikoku Regional Development Bureau,
Matsuyama Rivers and National Highway Bureau
The 3rd 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
November 12, 2004


"Road management support system with virtual reality(VR)"

Road Management Technology Center
The 2nd 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
November 1, 2003


"Ebina north JCT in Sagami traversing road / CG model"

NEXCO Nakanihon
(Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd Tokyo Branch Atsugi work office)
The 1st 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road
November 7, 2002


"Tokai Kanjo Expressway"

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Tajimi work office
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VR Symposium
Internatinal VR Symposium
This symposium is held in the purpose of contribution to expanding research and techniques related to VR by presenting researches and projects that participants concern and use VR (UC-win/Road). A variety of themes are chosen every year. In addition, a summer workshop is also held every year as the research presentation meeting before the symposium, and was convened in Phoenix in Arizona, Pisa in Italy, Hawaii, Greece, and Osaka in the past.

Seminar report
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Advanced project

These are the special topic carried as a series, collaborated with the magazine
"Bridge and city PROJECT".


The articles of the 9th UC-win/Road Conference, the 1st International VR Symposium, "Trend of information in construction industry", and SIGGRAPH2007 posted on the monthly magazine "Bridge and City project" were put with the acknowledgment of the publishers.



Introducing a series of special features in a cooperative project between magazine "Bridge and Urban Project" and FORUM8. The latest examples of UC-win/Road application are introduced in monthly magazine "Bridge and Urban Project" (published by the Bridge Editorial Committee) in the series "Cases and Effects of Analysis Technology Applications such as 3D Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Nonlinear Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures".

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UC-win/Road News

USA media panel / Innovation Award 2012 Finalist!
UC-win/Road was selected for the Finalist as VR Community Simulation in Smart
Community field in CEATEC which was an exhibition held in October, 2012.

Forum8 won "International tunnel award"!
Forum8.Co, Ltd. won the award under the category Safety Initiative of the Year in the
"2011 NCE International Tunnelling Awards" with BMIA, France, on December 1st, 2011.

Forum8 won " Information promotion contribution processing system"!
Highway driving simulator was awarded by the chairman of monthly council for information promotion as "Information promotion contribution processing system" on 3rd October, 2011.

SOFTWARE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! Awarded in "Social/life category / public category"!

UC-win/Road was awarded the Software Product of the Year, 2002, by SOFTIC (Software Information Center). This award system rewards outstanding software products sold during the year under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Awarded with "Outstanding Technology Award" at the Construction Technology Expo, Kinki, 2003!

At the "Construction Technology Expo, Kinki, 2003" (hosted by the Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry) held on November 27 and 28 in 2003, where its thesis was announced at an exhibition booth, UC-win/Road received the "Outstanding Technology Award". 350 new technologies were exhibited at the expo and five of them were selected for awards. We believe that the superior VR (Virtual Reality) features and examples of practical use of VR data in a wide range of fields were highly regarded.

National Land Construction Fair 2004, awarded "excellent booth prize"!

This event was held on October 1-2, 2004, organized by planning committee of "See, listen, touch, National land construction fair 2004 " with Chugoku Regional Construction Technology Development Congress, Japan Construction Engineer's Association, Chugoku Regional Development Bureau. FORUM 8 booth received the excellent booth award.

Construction Technology EXPO 2005 Kinki , awarded "best booth prize"!

This event was held on July 15-16, 2005. FORUM 8 received the "best booth award" voted by the 145 exhibitor groups and the visitors.

Cloud service of FORUM8 won the Special award at the 8th CSAJ Alliance Award ceremony!Award winning product: UC-win/Road for SaaS(Now, VR-Cloud(TM))!

UC-win/Road for SaaS (Current name is VR-Cloud(TM)" won "the Special award" at "the 8th CSAJ Alliance Award ceremony"(sponsored by the Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)) held on June 8, 2011.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
NETIS registration
New Technology Information System
New Technology Name : UC-win/Road
NETIS registration number : CB-040092
Utility business classification : New technology for semi-general constructions(its efficacy to be assessed)
The utility business classification of UC-win/Road was determined to be a new technology and registered by NETIS (New Technology Information System) managed by the Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry, on March 31, 2005. UC-win/Road has numerous achievements in the Ministry's direct projects and was therefore categorized as "new technology for semi-general constructions". We will continue to propose the use of VR in public projects.

  • * NETIS:
    New technology information supply system has been conducted by the Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry since 1998. It has been opened since 2001, and there are about 4,000 new technology entries registered now.

  Featured TV News Shows
VR simulation has received much attention

Featured TV news shows (UC-win/Road simulation)
Introduction of "Advanced Drive Simulator" on December 12, 2011 TBS Revolution TV Driving simulation under noise in ear on March 20, 2011 CBC/TBS Karada no Kimochi  UC-win/Road AirDriving
on October 17 BBCWorld

The movie of FORUM 8 was posted on the Internet news, DigInfo News.

"3D VR for cloud computing environment -UC-win/Road for SaaS"

"3D VR for cloud computing environment -UC-win/Road for SaaS" was posted on "Cloud computing EXPO" (held in May 12-14, 2010)movie news(DigInfo News).

Japanese : DigInfo http://www.diginfo.tv/2010/05/27/10-0070-r-jp.php
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=389nmjnciac
English : DigInfo http://www.diginfo.tv/2010/05/27/10-0070-r-en.php
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-qm9Tw-c38

"UC-win/Road experience simulator(6 axis motion SUBARU type)"

UC-win/Road experience simulator in "UC-win/Road Conference"(held on May 20, 2009) was posted.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=JP&hl=ja&v=6GN89LCLXPg

The 10th UC-win/Road Conference

  FORUM8 News 【Ieiri laboratory version】
FORUM 8 New [Ieiri laboratory version] written by "Construction IT journalist" Ryuta Ieiri, who is seeking the growth strategy of construction industry using IT. The latest news of UC-win/Road, the review of events, and the FORUM 8 news are focused.
New registration for mailing service

  Construction IT world
A lot of hot news of forum 8 are introduced in the special medium "construction IT world" which disseminates the information on construction IT speedily, positively and pleasantly by Mr. Ryuta Ieiri.
Mr.Ryuta Ieiri's official web site "Construction IT world"http://www.ieiri-lab.jp/

  • "Road damage information system was released" (May 31. 2011)
  • "The Student's BIM&VR Design Contest, the 1st workshop was held"(May 23, 2011)
  • "Super computer etc was exhibited at the 5th "Disaster-prevention and Crime-prevention Exhibition" in Osaka.(May 17, 2011)
  • News letter "Up&Coming No. 91 of the fresh green" is published.(May 9, 2011)
  • Forum 8 General Catalog Products Guide 2011 No.1 (Vol.21) was issued (May 9, 2011)
  • "Virtual Design World Cup The 1st- Student BIM&VR Design Contest on cloud" was held (May 9, 2011)
  • FORUM8 Super computer cloud Kobe laboratory was established. (April 5, 2011)
The report about awarded works of "9th 3D ・VR simulation contest" were published in Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. Kenprattu Construction IT, "Ieiri Construction IT Labo".

  • Osaka without Highway bridge ! First prize of virtual reality contest (November 26, 2010)
    Featured information for construction IT of this time ~Forum8 "9th VR simulation contest"~
    Osaka without Koka bridge ! First prize of virtual reality contest
    Ieiri focused on this ! ~Reproduced the movement of softball players is reproduced beautifully.~
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